Meet Lola: Laura's Alter Ego

Laura Nelkin with her tongue out, her shoulders are exposed and she has a knitted necklace on
The story of Lola

Everyone needs a fun excuse to be a little wacky, a bit sassy, or perhaps a tad eccentric. When things go awry, I suggest you blame it on your alter ego; everyone should have one. And that's where Lola comes in for me- she’s my alter-ego.

Allow me to share her story…

The Birth of Lola

Lola isn’t just your typical alter ego. She didn't burst forth from my imagination in a single moment of inspiration. Instead, she evolved gradually, stitch by stitch, giggle by giggle, and emerged with (more than) a touch of sarcasm.

It all began back in my college days. My friends would say they knew that when I let my hair down it was going to be a wild night. That's when Lola's spirit was born, this new side of me, although she didn't have a name just yet. 

One fateful evening, I leaned down and gave a goodnight kiss to my friend's young son before heading out to paint the town red. He couldn't quite pronounce "Laura," and in his adorable attempt, he affectionately dubbed me Lola.

Photo of Laura Nelkin holding a large branch in front of a lake
Can't take Lola anywhere

Lola's Persona

Lola is a character who's a little quirky, exceedingly spontaneous, and hilarious. Now, you might be wondering what sets Lola apart from Laura. Well, Lola has a particular fondness for thongs. Yes, you read that right – I'm talking about the underwear. But how did this unusual obsession begin? To be honest, I don’t even know myself where this began, maybe Kinetik Mystery KAL? 

What I do know, is that Lola loves all things naughty and never misses the opportunity for a double entendre. 

A mannequin body has a green triangular shawl draped in front of it to give the appearance of a thong
Shawl or thong?

Lola’s Choice (my small knitted kit club)

I initially had a club full of hefty projects (The N Club, formally known as The M Club), but I felt the urge to create a kit that was more whimsical and full of bite-size fun. And that's when Lola chimed in, declaring that she was taking over. Lola's Choice Club was born, offering a cute-as-heck knitting experience curated by Lola herself.

Laura Nelkin is laughing and holding up an L made with her fingers to her forehead
L is for Lola

Lola And You

Lola isn't just a persona; she's an invitation to let go and laugh (sometimes til you pee a little). She's a reminder that it's okay to be a little unconventional, to guffaw at life's quirks, and KNIT. So, whether you're a seasoned or beginner knitter, Lola welcomes you with open arms and a knitted thong.

And lastly, Lola has two invitations for you: 

1) Join Lola’s Choice Club! 

This club is all about smaller fun knits. These bi-monthly kits are designed to bring you joy, teach you a bit, and give you a sense of accomplishment. Best of all, they’ll be fun to make AND wear! Read more about the club here.

2) Create your own alter ego! 

Give yourself permission to be a little nutty and give that persona a name. Share your alter ego names in the comments so Lola can say hi!

Laura Nelkin holding a container of food and she has her mouth open in great anticipation for her next bite
Lola the Gourmand


  1. My alter is “Nearlynarly” which was born from walking The Cotswold Way w/brother when I had difficulties remember the hyphenated village names ie Ross-on-Wye, something-under-the-something else! So when we approached North Nibley-by-the-whatever, I told Todd we’d arrived at Nearly Narly🤣 and she truly emerged as we climbed our last hill to the Broadway Tower and Todd said the long trailing French hiking group was catching up to us & about to overpass, Nearlynarly suddenly sped up announcing “Not today!”😆

  2. My alter ego's name is LuLu given to me by a college mate my Freshman Year of college. She's spicy 'n feisty, snarky, creative, and at times a Mean Girl with her Bestie Nikki yet only between themselves not directly to others. That being said they've been close to getting caught a few times which leads to the hilarity between the two of them. Naughty girls they are. HA!

  3. Brilliant! Any chance you’d share the pattern for the jumper you’re wearing in the ‘Lola the gourmand’ picture please?

    1. The jumper is Artichoke French:

  4. I don’t have a name for my alter-ego, but he’s a slightly naughty 13 year old boy 😝


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