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Tasca Tunic Construction

The Tasca KAL is on!!!! We cast on September 1st, and this post should help you understand the construction of Tasca a bit more!
Tasca is a seamless tunic with pockets knit with my unique side-to-side construction!!! Tasca means “pocket” in Italian… I invented a way to incorporate pockets into your tunic’s side panels. Watch this video to learn a bit more about Tasca! This pattern is written with both tunic and cropped length options… you will get both versions of the pattern when you purchase it.The Tasca Collection includes, Tasca for Babies, Tasca for Kids, and 4 adult versions (2 sport and 2 worsted). 6 patterns in all!  It is important for you to understand how Tasca is constructed, especially if you are thinking of making any adjustments to the pattern.

Most importantly, row gauge is more important than stitch gauge as since you are working the sweater side-to side the rows determine the width of your sweater and the sts determine the length! This is probably different…

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