Rhinebeck bound with a sweater!!!

YES! I finished my sweater in time for Rhinebeck! I've been working on my Lopi Affection since earlier this summer, and it's actually done!
I blame Kay Gardiner for this sweater as I was innocently reading Twitter one night when she shared it and at midnight suddenly I found myself buying yarn and the pattern... you know the story!
I love Lett Lopi for light warm sweaters, but find it itchy as all get out, so I used Quince and Co Osprey from stash on the cuffs, hem and yoke to protect my delicate skin. This worked out well, all I had to do was go down a needle size for the yoke so it didn't bag out.
I made the second to smallest size, and didn't mod it other than decided to add the two extra sts for the steek.  I wasn't sure if I would button or zip it but once I finished it (with a hand sewn ribbon facing) and tried it on with a button I decided a zipper would be more wearable and flattering.  I sewed in the zipper OVER the ribbon and I'm finding it a bit stiff.  I might need to snip it out and reapply the zipper without the ribbon, but that will have to wait until a snow storm hits.
Who knows what the weather will be like at Rhinebeck... but chances are you'll see me wearing my new sweater! I've got a full schedule besides being out shopping or waiting in line for Artichoke French, I'll also be in Building A, booth 25 helping The Spinning Room show/sell my kits and I've got some signings for Knockout Knits and meet-ups scheduled!

10-11:30- Merrit Books Building B (in the back)
12:00- Ravelry meet up (on the hill)
3:30-5:00- Merrit Books Building B (in the back)

10-11:30- Merrit Books Building B (in the back)
12:00- Ravelry meet up (on the hill)
3:00-4:00- Merrit Books Building B (in the back)

But first, I'm off to Ohio to shoot a segment of Knitting Daily TV!  Life is certainly not boring : )! (Follow me on Instagram or Twitter if you want to keep up with that adventure!)


Three things!

1. I released Magmatic Boom yesterday, the last pattern in Just One More... did you see it?  We've got a little contest going over in the Ravelry group and plan to have a KAL with prizes... join in, won't you?

2. Did you see that I'm the designer for Craftsy's November Mystery KAL Workshop!  I've kept this under wraps for a while and am SO excited to share this mitt pattern with you!  It's perfecto for gift knitting.....
3. Besides some super duper secret knitting I'm almost done with my Rhinebeck sweater!  I hope it's cold enough next weekend to wear it!  I posted my schedule and hope to see many of my knitting peeps there... Rhinebeck is THE BEST!
I'm off this morning to teach a mini focus group a new class I'm designing for Vogue Knitting Live, the Craft of Casting On.  If I weren't such a perfectionist I'd just show up at Vogue and teach some cast on's but I love my classes to be organized, well thought-out, and content driven....  Wish me luck that I don't make my students heads explode while I try out my idea on them!


The M Club: 2015 and a Magmatic Recap!

Sign-Ups opened for next year's M Club a few weeks ago and I've been so busy I realized I never blogged about it!  Details on the club are here. I won't restate them all in this post... but there will be 4 shipments... 2 will be MKAL's (also public) and 2 will be exclusive to members of the club.

One of my favorite parts of running a club is having a close knit (pardon the pun) community of knitters all working on the same piece together and putting their individual spin on it. As a designer getting to work with yarn, bead and craft companies to put together the kits is an absolute blast!  The 4th design is particularly fun as I'll be sending extra pieces for it throughout the year in the first 3 kits. I tried this last year with Magmatic MKAL and it was SO fun that I had to include it again!
Have you seen Magmatic yet? I really freaked members out with the construction of this MKAL. We started by making a magic ball with the yarns sent and then cast on 400+ stitches and worked a chevron stitch with elongated stitches AND placed beads. I LOVE how the place beads ended up zigzagging with the chevron stitch. (click on the photos below to see them bigger)
Finally, when the yarn was virtually gone it was time to steek (cut) it and to turn it into a scarf.  Of course I made videos for the cutting and the fringing. It was great fun to revive a technique I used to use when I was a weaver! Intrigued? You can read more about the process here.
Magmatic MKAL will be released as an individual pattern next August... one of the privileges of being in the club is getting 2 patterns exclusive to it's members for the first year!

My magic ball obsession continues... I'll be releasing a pattern next week inspired by Magmatic that uses the magic ball technique as well! SO FUN!


Dream in Color Club: Cruzado Cowl!

Introducing Cruzado Cowl... Dream in Color's October Dream in Color Club design.  This spring I was sent a STUNNING skein of Classy... and I knew that I wanted to design a super simple cowl that would really highlight the yarn's color shifts. Typically I am drawn to stitches that create a pattern, but knowing they would get lost I lost myself in garter stitch with just a few bands of elongated stitches. As I knit on this design I kept being asked about the yarn... it's jaw droppingly GORGEOUS, and the perfect fall color!
Cruzado Cowl plays with a Möbius cast on, so though there are MANY stitches on the needles, it only has 23 rounds.  For those of you who haven't worked a traditional Möbius before, the cast on makes it so you are working the cowl from the center out.
The border of Cruzado has a the Knit-Cross 6 stitch that you might be familiar with from Knockout Knits..... a favorite for mixing up colors in hand painted yarn.
Thankyou Dream in Color for inviting me to be a part of this project! Right now the only way to get this pattern (and the YARN!) is through the DoC Club. Go here for a list of stores that participate. I'll be releasing the pattern in January 2015.