Knit Ithaca November 9 - 12th, 2018

Who wants to come on a knitting retreat with me and Mary Jane Mucklestone in my hometown of Ithaca, NY?

with Mary Jane Mucklestone and Laura Nelkin!

November 9th-12th, 2018
(with optional extension to Corning Museum of Glass)

Sign Ups Open 3/28 at 12pm EST

I’ve planned an extra special intimate weekend with lots of time to expand our knitting knowledge, explore the Finger Lakes Region, eat great food, taste our local wines and spirits, and knit together! We’ll be based at the Marriott, right at the base of The Commons in Ithaca, NY. This means there are a plethora of amazing restaurants, shopping, coffee, used book stores, craft galleries, bars AND BEST YET? A yarn store right across the street!

On Saturday Mary Jane and I will each be teaching a class, and on Sunday we'll be heading out on a Taste of Seneca Lake Tour.

Go here to read more and download a comprehensive brochure with the full schedule.

Let me know if you have questions! I'm happy to clarify!!!!

I've set up a thread in our Ravelry group if you want to chat it up with other attendee's and/or find a roommate! 


Book Reviews: March's 1st Quarter KAL Prizes!

Ready to see March's 1st Quarter KAL Prizes? I decided to switch things up a bit and share some of my favorite books with you this month (instead of yarn!).

Did you know I have a book addiction? I read A LOT, novels I read on my e-reader, but when it comes to knitting (and cook) books, I like those hard copy! On any given day my office, studio and kitchen are scattered with books... in fact yesterday I found my elderly dog, Noche, using one as a pillow, silly 'ol girl!

Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book by Vogue Magazine
Published February 2018 by Sixth & Spring Books

This encyclopedia is a masterpiece, it deserves a spot on every knitter's shelf, right next to Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt and  The Knitter's Handbook by Montse Stanley. It is so chock full of information I'm not sure I can touch on it all in one paragraph, but I will say that I was consulted with on the bead section, which is an honor! It touches on a huge variety of topics.... I was delighted to find the shaping rule for Faroese Shawl Construction in it (something one of my Craftsy students asked me about the other day in class.)
Alter Knit Stitch Dictionary by Andrea Rangel
Published Fall 2017 by Interweave Press

Oh, this book is a joy... if you are intrigued by color work, design, or stitch dictionaries, you really need to check it out! After going to Shetland with Andrea last summer I've been dreaming of designing a color work piece or two and I know I'll be consulting this book both for the technique section which is in depth, and the stitches! Before I design something I need to explore more about color dominance and steeking, and this book delves into those topics (and tons more!). If you aren't a designer, but want to knit some color work the 5 projects included are modern and wearable. Promise me you'll check out this book!
Dimensional Tuck Knitting by Tracy Purtscher
Published September 2017 by Sixth & Spring Books

Sometimes I come across a photo and am utterly intrigued... that's what happened with this book. I saw it at a vendor's booth last fall (maybe at Rhinebeck?) and it came home with me. The techniques used to create this fabric which looks like a cross of weaving and knitting with a smattering of cables that aren't cables has me fascinated to no end. I think you'll be as in love with it as I am!
Curls by Hunter Hammersen
Published November 2014 by Pantsville Press

The self published booklet has become a classic. Hunter's innovative writing style creates a gorgeous and accessible approach to curl shawl shaping. I wrote a blog post about it a few years back... so I suggest reading that if you want to learn more!

In case you don't know about my 1st Quarter KAL in my Ravelry group, I've run them for the last few years the first 3 months of the year... there are weekly prizes for participating, and grand prizes for reaching goals! As of writing there are 296 projects completed, and 154 of my designs being knit... pretty amazing, right? Please come join us... it is easy to participate and it is SO fun to see what you are knitting!!!!


How to Cable Cast on with Laura Nelkin

Working a cable cast on is easy... and here are a few tricks to help you make sure you have success!!!

As you can see from the video the cable cast on is VERY similar to the knitted-on (or lace) cast on, the only difference is that you are working it in between the your stitches, not into the last st. A cable cast on gives a bit more of a firm edge. I have been using it as the cast on for the panels in my Novus sweaters.... it works perfectly for that application as you want the bottom edge of those panels to have a bit of structure.

I have many more tutorials and add them as I have patterns that need a new technique taught! Is there anything (knitting releated) you would like me to cover in a video? I'm happy to oblige!


Always room for improvement!

Last month I was working with my smart smart tech editor Kate Atherley on a new summer sweater that uses the Novus construction. She asked why the schematic didn't have a measurement from the shoulder to the hem, and I was like, I don't know? It should! That is a super helpful measurement to have!
 This is Caragh, not the sweater Kate and I were working on, the black line indicates the measurement that was missing!

In the Novus Construction, the length from the shoulder to the hem (E) is just the side length (C) plus half the sleeve width (F). If you understand the construction you could figure that out on your own... but why should you when I can just plug it in!
Why is this helpful?
Let's say you have "girls"... you girls are going to pull up the fabric from the top part of the side seam and the armhole depth (half the sleeve width) making the sweater shorter. So, just determining length from the side seam isn't going to tell you how the sweater length is going to fit YOU. If you also measure from the shoulder you can take these two measurements and adjust for your body so the sweater is long enough!
You can really see an example of that in this photo... we are all wearing Caragh, and you can see that the sweater is shorter on Vicki, Helene and Demerse. If they wanted to  adjust for that in a future Caragh, they can add a bit more length to the side seam and the sleeve width after casting on for the front and back (the sleeves don't need more width).

Or, what if you want a deeper than "average" armhole? You can adjust for that with the width of the sleeve, but having that measurement in the pattern is going to make the adjustment easier to make!

I am sending out updates for Pacificus, Vindur, Gola, and Caragh that include this measurement... fitting these 4 pullovers to your body will be even easier now that a new measurement has been added to the schematic!

Please feel free to ask questions, either in this blog post, or in my Ravelry group, I'm happy to help you make sure the modifications you are making work for you!

And in case you didn't know...
It is Sweater Month in the 1st Quarter KAL in my Ravelry group which means between now and Feb 28th at 12p, EST ALL my sweater patterns are BOGO! Don't miss out, I don't have pattern sales often!!!

Oh, and because a few of you might be wondering? That super secret sweater I mentioned at the top of the post? It is a collaboration with another company and should be out the first week of March!