Learn to Knit- ONLINE with Stefanie Japel

Are you familiar with the designs, books and workshops of knitwear designer Stefanie Japel?  I've admired Stefanie from afar for years (and even knit one of one of her designs from Fitted Knits, a MUST HAVE book!)

A few weeks ago Stefanie tweeted that she was looking for people to help her spread the word about her new online class with Sympoz: Knit Lab.  I jumped at the opportunity to be able to be a virtual fly on the wall in her classrooms. I have heard so much about her on-line workshops from others and wanted to be able to experience one in person!  All I can say is WOW!  Knit Lab is the perfect learn-to-knit online experience.  The chat rooms, videos, and content are open 24/7 which means once you sign up you have the ability to access it forever.  This is so wonderful for those of you who have been wanting to learn how to knit, or learn how to knit better!  Skills Stefanie covers in the course are:  choosing materials, casting on, knitting, purling, purl ridges, increasing and decreasing, buttonholes, weaving in ends, blocking, pattern reading, and even knitting with alternative materials.  Stefanie used to be a professor and that comes across in her clear concise teaching style and presence. 

The Sympoz classroom format is also intuitive and easy to follow.  I had no problem jumping around, stopping and starting videos, scanning chat rooms and finding information.  This means that once you go through the course you know it will be easy to go back and find something you want to review again!

To help introduce this new product Sympoz has offered my readers a special offer, for one week the class is available for 50% off the regular price PLUS, 1 out of every 3 people who sign up for the course at the 50% discount will get a full refund (ie everyone gets the course at a 50% discount and 1 out of every 3 people who sign up will get a full refund on the course)  Go here to sign up!

We all know that my patterns tend to be on the more complex side of things, and my gutt is that if you took this workshop, you'd be more than ready to tackle one when you have completed it!  How cool is that?


  1. First, my little sister, Melissa, is obsessed with Stephanie, and has all her books. Second, I'm staying in the same cabin as Stephanie at the Makerie next week! Small crazy world!

    My road trip with you to TNNA is getting me through these crazy months.


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