A Mystery KAL FAQ

WOW!  Thankyou so much for the great response to my Mystery KAL! As of today there are already 210 knitters signed up... I am thrilled!  Not only does this mean it will be an incredibly active fun KAL, it also means I'll be donating at least $315 to Americares for their International Disaster Relief Fund!

I've been getting a fair number of questions and wanted to answer them here so that more of you can take advantage of the answers:

1. Can I sign up for the KAL after April 1st?
Yes you can!  When you sign up you will receive a link to the most recent version of the pattern which will include ALL the clues released up to that date.

2. Will the KAL pattern be released as a complete pattern once the KAL is over?
Yes!  One of the games we'll be playing in the KAL is to come up with a final name for the pattern... once the KAL is over I will release the completed pattern with it's new name.  Everyone who is signed up will receive a copy of it.

3. What yarn should I use?
There is a GREAT forum going on right now in my Ravelry group that will help you SO MUCH with this oh, so important question.  I have to say I've been having a little bit of yarn envy seeing what everyone is choosing.

4. Is the pattern also written out?
Yes, though I love charts I know that not everyone feels the same way I do... all patterns will be written out as well.

5. Where can I find beads?
If your local yarn store doesn't carry beads, and you don't have a local bead store, then I absolutely love Earthfaire.  Other great places to try are Webs Beads, Beads Gone Wild, and Fire Mountain Gems.

6. Should my beads be similar in color to the yarn, or contrast?
That’s rather up to you… I have one version where the beads really contrast and POP from the yarn, and another where they are more subtle. They are both beautiful and I think you have to go with what you would match your aesthetic more!

7.  Should I string on my beads before April 1st?
No, just wait.... if you can : )!

8. Will there be a local meet-up?
It looks like many of my local peeps have decided to join in!  I've scheduled two free local meet ups at Knitting Etc in Ithaca, NY  (Thanks Hickory and Steven!)  The first meet up is on Wednesday, April 6, 7 - 9 pm. The second is on Saturday, April 16, 3 - 6 pm.  Please feel free to come on over!  

If you don't live anywhere near me (and most of you don't) think about signing up with a friend and scheduling your own local meet-up.  I know a few stores that are planning theirs already!

9. Not a question but...
There just happens to be a giveaway today for the Mystery KAL with yarn and beads over at KnitPurlGirl's blog!  Check it out!

Added 3/22-
10. What level knitting experience do I need?
You should be very comfortable knitting and purling, and perhaps even worked some basic lace before.  There will be video tutorials  included with the pattern to help with any possible new techniques!

11. What materials do I need?
These are listed on the Mystery KAL pattern page on my website and on Ravelry.  They are also included in a pdf that you will receive when you sign up for the KAL.

Anything else you want/need to know about the KAL?  Leave a comment and I'll edit this post to include the answer!


  1. KnitPurlGirl sent me over and I'm so glad she did! The KAL sounds like fun, but would it be appropriate for an unseasoned knitter who has never used beads in a knitting project? Can you tell me the project requirements...yarn, needle size?

  2. What a cool idea. I also got here via KnitPurlGirl. I think I might try to do this. I hope I can keep up. Though with vacation in April it should be doable.

  3. I followed your link to KnitPurlGirl and her entry sent me back to leave a comment, so yay! Commenting away!

  4. I found this site from KnitPurlGirl. Hey what experience level is needed for the beadwork involved?

  5. This sounds like a lot of fun. I found out about it from KnitPurlGurl.

  6. I have found your site via KnitPurlGurl. What a great find!

  7. KNITPURLGURL sent me!
    Nice blog you have!

  8. I was sent by KnitPurlGurl and I fell in love with Brick House!

  9. The KAL sounds great and I like your blog! Knitpurlgurl sent me :)


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