Photo:  Maya*Made, aka "my person"
Thankyou so much for all the thoughtful comments in my last post... I have to say at first I was surprised by the brevity of some of them and then I realized that as much as I may joke about aging, it does have it's challenges and serious moments. It behooves us all to consider these transitions and then embrace them with all the grace and good intentions we can muster, right?

That said, my 40th was not so serious... so much laughter that my belly ached all day Sunday and I had what I can only describe to be a social hangover... too much chatting!!!!  Dear friends from near and far came to celebrate... I feel utterly blessed by them all!

You want to know who won the weekend giveaway, right?

Andrea W.- During the years you live on this earth there are many times you realize that you "are" growing up but, you know you've really "grown up" when time turns around and you find yourself taking care of your parents. My turn to show them the same caring love as they have shown me...

Studerus- when you get excited about "cute" washing machines and dryers.
When my best friend got her new energy-efficient top-loading model with the see-through top, I had to go over and check it out - after a few minutes of our excited chatter we started to laugh about how we were all excited over laundry appliances.

RevL- your snow angels are THAT much deeper than those of your kids

DiannePF- you hear a song 'remake' that was popular when you were 'young'....Have a wonderful Birthday weekend! I honestly didn't think you were a day over 30!!  (How could someone not win a pattern when they say this to me?)

Kae- When a dinner and a movie is 'the WHOLE date,' not the beginning of one! 

It was not so easy to narrow it down to five comments... thanks so much for playing!  (and if you did win, get in touch to claim your pattern!)


  1. Happy birthday to you and congratulations to the winners!

  2. Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the winners! You have certainly made my day. I have emailed you my info.
    Andrea W.
    PS: Congrats to the other winners and a very Happy Birthday to you!

  3. welcome to 40....how could you not love it...you are beautiful, talented with a fabulous family and friends....hope to see you soon...perhaps over a drink??