Workshops at Loop!

I've been having so many "pinch me" moments lately, and had another this morning I just had to share with you.  I went to Loop's homepage, and guess what?  My name was ON IT! 

I am thrilled to be leading three workshops there next weekend.  I'll be teaching Beaded Cuffs and Eventide on Saturday, and Undulating Waves on Sunday.  All of these classes focus on different techniques for working with lace and beads.  Go here to read more about the classes and sign up! 

I absolutely can't wait for so many reasons... 
1.  I get to work with the knitter's of Philly!  
2.  I get to drop off a super secret project in person!
3.  I get to finally meet Rabiesonmyshoe (and her family)!
4.  I get to shop for yarn in a store I have been dying to get to for a WHILE.  Thinking I might just have Craig give me yarn store credit... my hubby would look really good in a new Shelter sweater next winter!

I truly look forward to sharing my passion for knitting (and beads!) with Loop's knitters and hope to see some of you there!


  1. That looks like fun! Enjoy the Shelter, I love that yarn.

  2. Why must I live so far from *everything*? I've been wanting to start playing with beads, and if anyone would be the one to push me over the edge (in the nicest possible way of course), it would be you!