A weekend at Webs that ended with SNOW!

The weekend started with a road trip to Webs. I taught some wonderful students how to incorporate beads into their knitting.  We had a fabulous time together and the classes ended with hugs and smiles.  Tina, the education coordinator is a sweetheart, if we lived in the same town I'm sure we'd knit together : )!   I am going to blame it on the yarn fumes, but I forgot, and took hardly any pictures while I was there... here are a few, though, to give you an idea of my time:
Deborah working away on advanced lace with beads!
A "field" trip in the store where we discuss appropriate yarns....
Sooper Secret Warehouse!  SHHHHHHH!
Thankfully my dear friend (and model) Caitlin came along to share the driving and knitting with me.  It was over 70 degrees, the light was perfect and we were able to squeeze in an amazing photoshoot, taking turns behind the camera... Northhampton had just the right amount of rust and brick.  You'll be seeing the pics over the next few weeks as some big releases are on their way!
A package is heading out today my swapmate, GypsysLegacy, an amazing woman who raises alpacas, dyes yarn, weaves, knits and is someone I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know!  The swap in my Ravelry group has been TOO fun... I am stalking my mailbox waiting for my giftees to arrive from Steph179 in the UK!

And how did this Monday start?  With a SNOW DAY!  Craziest April 23rd I can remember.... I spent the whole winter kvetching that we weren't getting snow, and I couldn't go skiing, and now look at my tulips!
Happy Snow Day everyone... I'm going to celebrate with a mocha and kit building!


  1. Well, of course, the FIRST thing that caught my eye is MY PRESENT! Oh Wow, I can't wait, Laura! I absolutely LOVE WEBS secret warehouse. I just did a workshop with

    Gail Callahan, their Kangaroo Dyer. She was fabulous! And about that snow... well, I can live without it! LOL. Thanks for posting the pictures, Laura. I hope to meet you in person one day soon. Best, Dana

  2. So glad you had a great time! It was fun having you at WEBS and lovely to meet you! :)