A 'lil sumthin for Cat!

You've met Cat once before, right?  After reading through Kate's book I decided she "needed" something special and in 15 minutes I made her the Cat Toy complete with catnip stuffing...

cat spin

Turns out my little fur ball is not camera shy at all!


  1. Love! I think my cats would adore some catnip mice and then I wouldn't be wasting money on store bought ones that are made in China!

  2. I made some for a craft show last year and when I unpacked they were missing! The Cat Burglars had stolen them and hidden them in the exercise room! Don't know which of the 5 members of the dawson gang it was. This year I am growing organic catnip for them.

  3. Two cats run our house. Both strays, they are definitely in charge and LOVE the yarn balls I make when I finsh each knitting project. I leave a tail for them to grab and pick up with their mouth.They charge all over the house - they really should be scouted by our local hockey team - The Sabres. They couldn't do worse!

  4. Just look at those big eyes! Such a cutie!!