A Craftsy Review wrap-up and more!

I've just landed back from some sweet time away with my family... and while I was gone the internet was a-bit a-buzz about my new Craftsy class, Knitting with Beads!

            "Think about it...You get the trifecta of texture, color and bling just by adding a tiny 
              piece of glass or plastic or whatever to your work. It doesn't really get much better 
              than that."
  • Jessa at Happy Knits who has taken "real-live" beading workshops with me before, signed up... she loves the lessons where I teach how to add beads to existing lace patterns (the coolest part of the class, IMHO!)
Photo Jenn Tomaszewski
  • Stefanie Japel, my "handler" at Craftsy, picked my brain about knitting with beads while I was in Denver and knit herself a GORGEOUS shawl with beads embedded into the feather and fan stitch... LOVE!

I'll bet you want to know who the winner is from the Beyond Knit and Purl Giveaway, don't you? Congrats to Kathy!  Get in touch with me and I'll have Kate send you your prize!

And because this post doesn't have enough photos, here's sneak peek of a design that is "almost" ready to be released!
(and yes, the moment Instgram was released for Android devices I signed up.. I might be having too much fun with it's filters!)

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