Juego Mystery KAL: Starts April 12th

It's time for another Mystery KAL, who wants to "JUEGO" with me?
(FYI- Juego (huay-go) means game or play in Spanish....)

Clue #1- April 12th
Clue #2- April 19th
Clue #3- May 3rd
Clue #4- May 10th
Clue #5- May 24th
How it works:  Sign up by purchasing the pattern prior to April 12th for a discounted price of $6.00  (You can sign up later and receive the previous clues, but I think it's more fun if you start it right from the get-go!)  After April 12th the KAL will be $7.00 

When you sign up you will be sent a pdf with a materials list and gauge to be ready to cast on.
The pattern uses two colors of light fingering yarn, one variegated and one solid, 490 yards each, with optional beads (40 grams, size 8 glass seed bead).  You will receive more information about yarn and optional bead choices when you sign up, or you can go read here.  Beads are easily omitted if working with beads isn't for you!

On each scheduled clue release date an updated pdf will be sent to you with the next clue.  There will be videos made just for the KAL to help you, and an active thread in my Ravelry group so that you have lots of support and FUN while you are knitting. 

Exciting News!  Last MKAL, many of you asked for kits!  So guess what? I teamed up with SpaceCadetCreations, and we made some just for you!  I used Celeste in my version of Juego with a lovely Matsuno rainbow topaz bead.  Stephanie and I came up with 3 different colorways for the kits with optional coordinating beads... you can see them here (and in the photo above!).

So, Sign UP! Sign up for the KAL on Ravelry or my website  and then get on over to my Ravelry group and start chatting about your yarn (and bead) choices!

This is a brand-new never released design and it is sure to teach you TONS!  Video tutorials will be included along the way... I had such fun incorporating new techniques into this design, I hope you like it as much as I do!

Have Questions?
Ask them below... I'll answer in the comments so everyone can benefit from the answer.... if you have questions, I'll bet someone else is wondering the same thing too! 


Saba.... and back again!

The grey and cold finally got to us, and we headed out on a family get away last week.... BEST.DECISION.EVER!

We ended up on the island of Saba, which is home to the highest peak in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the shortest commercial runway in the world, the birthplace of Saban Lace... and no beaches.  So we got to hike, dive (I stay on shore for this), eat fish, drink rum, and attend a Lace Guild Meeting (aka Saban Stich N' Bitch!)!

As I like to do, here's a peek at our winter escape in pictures....
Walking towards Mount Scenery on our first day
Getting ourselves psyched for the climb
These stairs are my new favorite work out!
A birds eye view of the world's shortest commercial runway
Me and my trusty map....
Another day, another hike, and a view of a dive boat and The Pinnacle
My girl and I learned to make lampwork beads at JoBean's....
we are signing up for more classes in Corning this spring, SO FUN!
Watching a Saban Lace Sampler in action
WOW.... Saban Lace makes what I do seem like a walk in the park!
A VERY special pillow case....
The view from our porch in the early morning.... I'll be holding onto this until winter is over!

Of course the whole time I was there I worked on projects for the book... maybe not the most cost effective way to get a book written : )!


Tutorial: Yarn Weight vs. Bead Size

Last week, Maureen, a bead knitter from Buffalo, asked if I would post a chart showing what size beads she should choose based on her yarn weight. This is a chart I often supply in classes when I teach and I wanted to share it with you too!
Bead Sizes-  It's important to note that the larger the bead size number, the smaller the bead!  You'll notice that for worsted weight yarn I note a size 5 bead.... I've actually never worked with beads on yarn this heavy, so I am guessing here, but I know a size 6 bead won't fit.  If you are pre-stringing your beads they should slide on the yarn easily without tugging them too much!  If they don't move easily on the yarn they are probably too small; but on the other hand if they slip all over the place,  they are too big!

Prestringing vs. Placing A Bead-  I bet you are wondering the difference between these two techniques, aren't you?

Undulating Waves:
Beads are prestrung and added on yarnovers
*When beads are prestrung on yarn they are slipped up and worked as you knit, sometimes they are in-between stitches, and sometimes they are placed on the stitch or yarnover as you work it.  In this technique only one strand of yarn goes through the bead.  I've made Video Tutorials for stringing on beads and slipping beads!

*When a bead is placed on a stitch the bead goes over two strands of yarn (each side of the stitch) and gets locked into place on the stitch.  You can use either Super Floss or a small crochet hook (.75mm- 1mm) to do this.  I've made a Video Tutorial showing this technique in detail!

Mica Mitts:
Beads are placed onto stitches in a pattern

Hope this helps!  Any questions?


Spreading the Love....

Happy Valentine's Day All!

I thought I'd spread a little love around this Valentine's Day to celebrate... you ready?

  • First off, Craftsy is having a SALE ! Are there any Craftsy classes you've been waiting to get? Now's your chance!
  • Noble Knits has one of my FAVORITE yarns on sale (through the end of today)... Sweet Georgia Cash Silk, MMMMMMmmmmmm!

  • Aaaand, have you ever knit with Candy Skein?  I haven't yet, but golly, I keep hearing awfully yummy things about it!  There is a coupon for 15% off on their Facebook page.... have at it!


Random Bits and Bobs...

I've landed back from an epic trip away to film my next class for Craftsy and go to TNNA.... I had FUN!  (and made more work for myself, WHOOPS!)  So, while I attempt to catch up I wanted to share a few things that have caught my attention that I think you'd be interested in!
  • Crappy Pictures- I've a new favorite blog... I wish it existed when my girl was small, and really I can't wait until Amber's kids are teenagers, she is going to have some epic blog fodder!  For now I read one a day as a reward for a job well done. (and I just pre-ordered her book on Amazon!)
  • Are you on the Knit Circus mailing list?  If so, you've got to read an in-depth interview with Stephanie from Space Cadet Creations.  If you read to page 5 then you'd know that Stefanie and I are teaming up to offer kits for the next MKAL. Working with her has been such a blast, and so easy : )!  I am planning to release that Feb 28th... so stay tuned!
  • The Patternworks Kit Club is going strong!  I'm thrilled with the response, many have received their kits and have already knit up their Cheerios... want to see?
  • While away I got sheep fabric that my dear friend Marisa designed, and I WILL be making a project bag or two, and if I'm really on it, one will go to this swap.
  •  Are you participating in the 1st Quarter KAL in my Ravelry group?  Want an idea for a quick Valentine's project that will make you eligible to win February's prize (a set of Chiaogoo Bamboo Interchangeable Needles!)?  What about my Wee Little Hearts?
  • I've been getting some great ideas for future blog posts lately from readers/knitters... is there anything you wish I would blog about or do a tutorial on?  I'd love to hear!  In the meantime, I'm going to go ski with the family before the snow melts... (again).