Tutorial: Yarn Weight vs. Bead Size

Last week, Maureen, a bead knitter from Buffalo, asked if I would post a chart showing what size beads she should choose based on her yarn weight. This is a chart I often supply in classes when I teach and I wanted to share it with you too!
Bead Sizes-  It's important to note that the larger the bead size number, the smaller the bead!  You'll notice that for worsted weight yarn I note a size 5 bead.... I've actually never worked with beads on yarn this heavy, so I am guessing here, but I know a size 6 bead won't fit.  If you are pre-stringing your beads they should slide on the yarn easily without tugging them too much!  If they don't move easily on the yarn they are probably too small; but on the other hand if they slip all over the place,  they are too big!

Prestringing vs. Placing A Bead-  I bet you are wondering the difference between these two techniques, aren't you?

Undulating Waves:
Beads are prestrung and added on yarnovers
*When beads are prestrung on yarn they are slipped up and worked as you knit, sometimes they are in-between stitches, and sometimes they are placed on the stitch or yarnover as you work it.  In this technique only one strand of yarn goes through the bead.  I've made Video Tutorials for stringing on beads and slipping beads!

*When a bead is placed on a stitch the bead goes over two strands of yarn (each side of the stitch) and gets locked into place on the stitch.  You can use either Super Floss or a small crochet hook (.75mm- 1mm) to do this.  I've made a Video Tutorial showing this technique in detail!

Mica Mitts:
Beads are placed onto stitches in a pattern

Hope this helps!  Any questions?


  1. This is fantastic! Thank you Laura!

  2. This is great. Thanks Laura!

    Tammy Mattson
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  3. Thank you SO much Laura. You went way beyond my fumblings and questions. But, then again, what's new! You always help.

    Thanks again.



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