Random Bits and Bobs...

I've landed back from an epic trip away to film my next class for Craftsy and go to TNNA.... I had FUN!  (and made more work for myself, WHOOPS!)  So, while I attempt to catch up I wanted to share a few things that have caught my attention that I think you'd be interested in!
  • Crappy Pictures- I've a new favorite blog... I wish it existed when my girl was small, and really I can't wait until Amber's kids are teenagers, she is going to have some epic blog fodder!  For now I read one a day as a reward for a job well done. (and I just pre-ordered her book on Amazon!)
  • Are you on the Knit Circus mailing list?  If so, you've got to read an in-depth interview with Stephanie from Space Cadet Creations.  If you read to page 5 then you'd know that Stefanie and I are teaming up to offer kits for the next MKAL. Working with her has been such a blast, and so easy : )!  I am planning to release that Feb 28th... so stay tuned!
  • The Patternworks Kit Club is going strong!  I'm thrilled with the response, many have received their kits and have already knit up their Cheerios... want to see?
  • While away I got sheep fabric that my dear friend Marisa designed, and I WILL be making a project bag or two, and if I'm really on it, one will go to this swap.
  •  Are you participating in the 1st Quarter KAL in my Ravelry group?  Want an idea for a quick Valentine's project that will make you eligible to win February's prize (a set of Chiaogoo Bamboo Interchangeable Needles!)?  What about my Wee Little Hearts?
  • I've been getting some great ideas for future blog posts lately from readers/knitters... is there anything you wish I would blog about or do a tutorial on?  I'd love to hear!  In the meantime, I'm going to go ski with the family before the snow melts... (again).


  1. That Crappy Pictures blog is hilarious. It might just get me through my pile of grading today. Thanks for the link, Laura.

  2. yay! sheep fabric!! and Amber's blog and new book and getting to see you. see you again soon lady! xo

  3. love love Space Cadet and my Cheerios necklace. Thank you Laura Nelkin for making an old lady happy......enjoy your skiing.

  4. cute hearts with the beads ~ thanks :)
    haPPy day

  5. Thank you so much for the mention, it was lovely meeting you in person! And I nabbed some of Marisa's chicken & egg fabric that night. Now to find time to sew...


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