New, On Craftsy: Lace From the Inside Out!

I'm thrilled to announce that my newest class with Craftsy, Lace from the Inside Out has been released!
Lace from the Inside Out builds upon the skills developed in Knit This! Mastering Lace Shawls and Knitting with Beads. There's no secret that I adore working with Craftsy, and this experience was no different.  It's certainly getting easier to sit in front of a camera and share my knitting tips and tricks while trying to maintain my composure and not sound like an idiot!

As with my other classes I designed a project that could teach all the skills I wanted to impart in the class.  This means that while this class is all about process and learning, you do end up with Life Cycle, a gorgeous shawl or baby blanket, to show off at the end!  I hadn't ever designed a square piece of lace before, so designing Life Cycle provided a challenge for me as well.  Worked from the center out over a small number of stitches I teach working a circular cast on (both on double pointed needles, and on magic loop), and then jump right into chart reading, Nupps, and advanced decreases.  I cover life lines, lace chart tips and tricks (written instructions are included as well), yarn and needle choices, fixing mistakes, in depth blocking, and more!

Life Cycle is a labor of love.... it is the largest lace design I've ever accomplished I spent many lovely hours this fall/winter working on it.  Does anybody remember that caramel blob I tweeted about?
Well, it became this:
I've got a photoshoot scheduled soon and will share photos of Life Cycle and tell you more about it next week!

HUGE NOTE:  All of the links above provide you with a HUGE discount on my Craftsy classes!  50% off!  So, by all means use them, and share them with your friends...  once you purchase a Craftsy class it is yours forever to watch as many times as you want whenever you want.  I consistently check in with my classes and provide feedback, support and encouragement.... so, let's knit some lace together!


  1. I was so excited when I saw this on Craftsy - thank you for the heads up for the discount, have just jumped over to buy the course. I have one lace shawl to complete but when it is done I will be joining you on the course. I look forward to learning lots again as I have from your other courses. Best wishes C

  2. I just signed up for the new class, I have already done the other two :)

  3. I was super excited to see a new Laura Nelkin class on Craftsy and signed up right away!! I ordered the yarn from Craftsy and am soooo looking forward to casting on this gorgeous shawl!! Your classes are always such fun, and I always learn new tips, tricks and techniques. This sounds like it will make the perfect spring/summer project!! Thanks Laura!!

  4. I've so enjoyed the other classes I've had on Craftsy from you that I couldn't resist getting this one! I won't be able to begin it right away (have to unknit that Latus scarf and begin again first ), but I'll get there! :D

  5. Thank YOU SO SO much for all the beautiful energy you are putting into shearing your knowledge.
    I followed you also on the other 2 classes and start watching this new one!
    You do seams more relax in front of the camera.
    But NEVER sound like an idiot in none of them...
    You are just NATURAL!.. And your teaching are made with Love..
    Thanks again for the discount too!!
    So!!! Let's ALL LIVE LOVE LACE!!!!