Wow, that was fast...

Um, WOW?  (I'm tempted to make that this entire blog post... but I think I'll tell you more!)

I released Juego last week and am WOWED by the response.... I'm not new to Mystery KAL's, this is my 4th, but it's the first one I decided to offer a kit option on.  Part of the fun of running Mystery KAL's has always been helping people choose their yarn and beads before the KAL officially begins... call it MKAL foreplay : )! 

During Trapeze a few of it's participants expressed an interest in having a kit option.... so for this KAL I decided to try that out...It was SO HARD to plan for... maybe only 10 people would want one and I'd stick a dyer with a huge overstock of one yarn base.  Silly, Silly me....in 2 hours we sold out! I begged, cajoled and whined and got Stephanie to raise the numbers a bit, in 24 hours the rest SOLD OUT!  I guess I might have underestimated y'alls shopping prowess! 

Stephanie is dying as fast as she can, in hopes she will have time to release more, but in the meantime I want to help you to choose yarn and beads.... there is no reason not to participate just because you can't get a kit... there are LOTS of yarns on the shelves of your LYS that will work for this design.  You just need a little help choosing them, right? 

I'm working on a more detailed post outlining possible yarn and color choices, but for now, head over to my Ravelry group.  There's a whole thread dedicated to choosing yarn and beads... some people are dying their own yarn, some are even spinning it, some are stash diving, and some are shopping.  There's plenty of time to enjoy this part of the Juego Mystery Knit-A-Long!


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    1. I know you asked if you were okay to do the KAL if you've never worked with beads before... and the answer is YES! I'll be including videos for working with the beads, but if you end up not liking working with them you can just skip them and it will still be beautiful! Promise!

  2. Heh Laura,
    I'm not able to do this KAL due to time constraints but I'm so glad you are doing another lace class with Craftsy. I won't be able to start that for a few months but I went ahead and purchased it today. I really enjoyed your first Craftsy class and was hoping you would do another one. Thanks!

  3. Hi Laura, can you please tell me that from where I can buy Mystery Kal.

    1. Of course! So glad you are joining us!


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