Ricefield Collective: A Kickstarter project

While procrastinating on work yesterday I stumbled across this kickstarter campaign initiated by Meredith Ramirez, a visionary knitter, who lives in Ithaca, NY... so of course I had to investigate!  The Ricefield Collective's goal is to craft handmade knitted accessories to help keep indigenous people of Ifugao, Philippines on their ancestral land. Just watch this video... it explains it better than I ever could!
I adore that one of the mandates of this project is to prove that innovation and tradition can go hand in hand. Of course things change with time, they should, but Ricefield Collective is helping to ensure that those who want to stay in their homes in Ifugao may be able to through the power of craft and knitting!

To learn more about backing this project and in exchange have the option to receive hand knit items from the women of Ifugao knit in Quince and Co yarns please check out their kickstarter page.... I expect you'll be as inspired by the energy behind this project as I am!

(also... if you watch the video, you'll get a pretty good look at what Ithaca looks like in March, pretty freakin' dreary!)


  1. WOOOW!!! This is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for sharing it! It gives me HOPE.....and STRENGTH..

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us Laura - it is a wonderful story.

  3. Pittsburgh in March is just as dreary. What a wonderful story.

  4. What a great effort! Thanks for sharing the link.