Obsessio Cowl... now with beads!

I know many of you have been waiting for copyright on Obsessio to revert back to me so I could release it with beading options!  Obsessio was Craftsy's June Mystery KAL, over 1500 people participated and I had a grand time helping them knit this ethereal lacy summer cowl in Art Yarns Silk Merino Lace.
At the same time I was working on the KAL I was knitting a scarf for the book in Fibre Company's newest yarn Meadow, and I just knew I needed to have an Obsessio for me in it!  So, once the book projects were done that was the first thing I cast on for!  LOVE is not a strong enough word!  This version doesn't have beads on it as I wanted it for everyday... FOR ME!  : )!
This new version of Obsessio is written for three weights of yarns, lace, light fingering and fingering.  All you have to do is change your needle size and get the same gauge, super easy!
It also has three different places that beads can be added, which makes for a total of 8 different versions of Obsessio that can be knit depending on if you work all the options, some or none of them! Options A and B have beads placed on stitches, whereas Option C works with pre-strung beads.  The pattern includes video tutorials for how to work with the beads... no worries!
Obsessio Cowl
Finally I did size Obsessio which I couldn't do in the original MKAL as I was limited to a 312 yard skein.So those of you wishing for a larger one, I've figured that out as well!  The pattern is now available in my Ravelry shop and on my website.... enjoy!

There are already MANY version of Obsessio up on Ravelry and I look forward to seeing more and more as everyone starts knitting it with beads and in other yarns!  This is a great project to knit and enter in the 3rd Quarter KAL in my Ravelry group.... and I just added a pretty awesomesauce prize for September, a complete set of Chiagoo Red Lace Interchangeable needles!

Oh, and as a complete aside... this is my 400th blog post, how did that happen?  I remember quite clearly once saying I would never ever ever blog!


  1. What beautiful pictures and a beautiful design! Congratulations on 400!

  2. Hi Laura,
    I hate to admit it but I bought the Obsessio KAL on Craftsy and have yet to do it. I would love to incorporate beads. Is there a way to get instruction for adding beads without having to buy the pattern again? Thanks! I have a hard time keeping up with you :)

  3. Laura, it's beautiful!!! I was one of those waiting... The one you're wearing, what yarn did you use? fingering? and could you suggest a place to buy beads? Thanks!