A Chill in the Air....

In the background of all the projects I am working on there have been sweaters for me on the needles!  I finished Beach Street Park by Kirsten Kapur last week and with a chill in the air this am, wore it for peach picking on our one and only peach tree...

A chill in the air....
I wear hand knit wool sweaters almost everyday in the winter, and at the end of last winter I knew I needed a few new ones to freshen up my stash! So, when Kirsten published this pattern last March, right as my Jill buddy released her new sport weight yarn, Mohonk, I knew they were a match made in heaven! I love a functional wool sweater, one that will wear like iron, have tight sleeves that don't get in the way while I work, and be long enough not to ride up and expose my midriff to the cold!
A chill in the air....
Pattern: Beach Street Park by Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: Jill Draper Makes Stuff Mohonk, in Raspberry Beret Sport weight, 100% Cormo Wool
A chill in the air....
The more sweaters you knit, the more you know how you like them to fit.  I took Kirsten's fabulous pattern and added these details to make it work for my body!
Picot Hem- I knew this would help keep the sweater from rolling or riding up... that little bit of weight and structure the picot hem adds at the hips really helps!
Waist Shaping- I took the measurements from Cascabel
Shortened the yoke- I have a surprisingly short underarm to neckline dimension, and almost always have to do this!
Short Rows- both below and above the eyelet yoke design, this helps fit the yoke better to my shoulders and curves neckline more.
A Chill in the Air


  1. This is a beautiful sweater and it fits you perfectly. I love how you know how to make it fit you just how you like it. That takes skills. Beautiful color too!

    1. Thanks Laurel!!!! I've definitely knit a few sweaters that weren't quite right! So glad the time I put into this one paid off!

  2. wow, that color looks fantastic on you! and the fit is perfect!
    some day, I'm gonna figure out how to "fix" my sweaters so they fit too :)