Rhinebeck 2013: A Photo Recap!

Oh my.... I'm just back from Rhinebeck (aka New York Sheep and Wool) and holey moley, what a whirlwind!  I taught for most of the hours the festival was open, and did manage to sneak in some moments with friends, food and the animals, but there was no where near as much time for shopping and connecting as I would like.  Next year I think I'll just go to play!
I made a new lovah on my lunch break!
My kits on display at The Spinning Room's booth! 
They flew out of there all weekend long!
My Rhinebeck treat was a basket from Kristine!  It was HARD to choose!
(I ended up with a medium sized curved one, 3rd from the right second row down)
I taught some studious and wonderful students all about Knitting with Beads! 
Thanks to all who attended my classes!
Kim, brought Bristol and I candy from Canada...
that look on my face is saying "Do I have to share with my family?"
I stayed with Leila, JC and others in a lovely farm house 10 minutes away...
this was our porch, pretty ideal, huh?  I wish I had had time to knit on it!
Another photo of my lovah, cause he's too cute to only show once!
The line to pick-up The Rhinebeck Sweater book!
I got my copy of The Rhinebeck Sweater along with another ball of Jill's Empire to knit my girl an Artichoke French!  It looks like an informal KAL is starting over in my Ravelry group, so if you got a copy and are ready to cast on, ask any questions there!  I'm happy to help!

I also got a signed copy of Clara Parkes new book,  The Yarn Whisperer, but the quick picture I took didn't do Clara or her book justice, and I wouldn't want her to hate on me.  What I will say is that I have ALOT to learn about book signing, watching her in action was a lesson!!!!! This is my night time reading this week... can't wait to hit the sack tonight!

Oh, and there are just a few more spots in The M Club!  Sign ups close this Friday 10/25, so if you've been hesitating this is your LAST CHANCE to sign up!  The dyers are chomping at the bit to get your yarn ready for the first shipment and they need time to work their magic!  I really wish I hadn't said I was keeping the dyers a secret as I think the line up is going to KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!  Goodie orders are ready to be placed, and the designs are well under the way.  This project is beyond fun to work on and I do hope you'll join us!

Also, apologies for the Instagram pics.... a girl just has to make-do with her phone camera sometimes! And to everyone I didn't get to see (and hug!)  there is always next year!


  1. Love your pictures!! It was a fabulous weekend that always goes by way to quickly!

    1. And I can't believe we didn't see each other once Angela! Next year we have to make a plan!!!!

  2. I had a great time in your class on Friday. Thank you so much! I had such a good time that I hopped in for the M club :)


    1. Patty, that is fabulous! I am so glad I have inspired you :)!