A New Way to Cast On for Butin Collar!

One of the things I love about knitting?  We are ALL learning from each other... and often times there are better ways to achieve the same end result!  This is what has happened with Butin Collar, one of my most popular patterns!  I love Butin, and didn't find the backwards loop cast on challenging but I have been hearing over the years that some find working the first row after the cast on to be difficult and no fun at all.

Thanks to Julia Gabrielsen, a designer and knitter on Ravelry (JGab) who was the first to think of this alternate method....  this is a brilliant modification and makes the necklace even faster to knit!  Also, I LOVE Julia's Trixie Pixie hat... that got added to my queue for the next baby that needs a hat.

Note: You will need the entire Butin Pattern to knit the necklace, this video just helps with the cast on.

For those of you who have a printed or kit version of Butin, just replace the existing cast on and Row 1 with these directions: 
First measure off 80 inches of yarn, slide 13 beads onto this length, then with this as your tail held to the front of the left hand, work a longtail CO for 42 sts, [sl1 bead (from working yarn), CO1] twice, sl1bead (from working yarn), CO 22 sts, slip up 10 beads from the working yarn and 13 beads from the tail, CO 22 sts, [sl1 bead (from working yarn), CO1] twice, sl1bead (from working yarn), CO 42 sts. [132 sts]

Those of you who own digital versions of Butin or Adorn will be receiving an update shortly! 

As I was getting ready to post this I realized I have 5 patterns to release this month, some are improvements on existing patterns, like Butin, and some are BRAND NEW! So keep your eyes open, October is going to be FUN around here!  My plan is to release one pattern a week....


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Laura! I really love this pattern, I made about ten for Christmas gifts one year :D

  2. So, one could do this with any beaded pattern that uses the same technique - great idea!

    1. Video says begin with tail of 60 inches.
      The text says 80 inch tail.
      Which one please??

    2. Sorry! Both myself and a test knitter were fine with 60 inches, but one tester ran out and needed more like 70 inches so I changed the pattern to say 80 to play it safe! Some people cast on looser than others, which is I think why the difference occurred!

  3. I am making my first Butin Collar I wonder why there is a skip from SB9 in row 2 to SB7 in row 3. Should it be SB8? Every other row makes a decrease of just one bead except that row. Seems funny. Just want to make sure I am doing it right.

  4. I have the kit from your Ravelry store. Is the above cast-on an update?


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