Another Side of My Work

Many of you might know that besides designing and knitting I am also the design director at Schaefer Yarn. I've been meaning to chat about my position there, but I'll save that for another day! Suffice it to say that for 20 or so hours a week I get to work in a old farmhouse surrounded by yarn and color. Cheryl Schaefer, the owner and original dyer behind Schaefer Yarn is an AMAZING colorist, who is a joy to be around. (esp. when she sings show tunes while bookkeeping!) Not only does Cheryl run her business and ship yarn around the world, she is also a phenomenal gardener who up until last year also ran an iris garden with 2,000 varieties of irises. Although they are no longer being sold to the public there are still gobs of them in her gardens, and this week they are all in bloom. I'll admit that I keep trying to find reasons to go outside and take a peak at them. Here's a look for you:

This is an Iris Cheryl gave me 2 years ago that has established beautifully in the peach tree burm: (my job has two great perks: yarn AND plants!)p.s. I am still knitting secrets.. sorry!
p.p.s. I am getting ready to pack for SAW, I am so looking forward to all that knitting in the car. I have a few projects lined up: a Capitan in Schaefer Esperanza (for work), some toe-up socks in Schaefer Nichole (for me for once!), finishing my Liesl, and swatching for a black Jamie Lee in SWTC bamboo for Caitlin (my oh so patient model who deserves sumthin' special).


  1. laura.
    came across your blog this evening. not sure if you remember me. it's leah. i interned with you a number of years ago while i was in college. it is great to see your newest endeavors. your designs are beautiful. i have become an avid knitter also and a small time designer of silly things for kids.

    have a wonderful weekend teaching!


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