Why I haven't been knitting!

So, I got home from TNNA with a HUGE project to finish up! My amazing 9-year-old was awarded the part of Nana in Peter Pan, and I promised to make her costume. I had to squeeze it in between SQUAM and TNNA. There were a few late nights, alot of toxic fuzz, with my hubby blocking off the studio as the latest national superfund site, but it got done, just in time... phew. Fake fur is nasty stuff, but PERFECT for this kind of project!

I cannot tell you how thrilling it was to see her, a happy puppy in her element. It made up for how little I have been around, and how busy I've been, to see her glow of self accomplishment as she made it through the huge production her school put on! Congrats sweetie, we raised a really well-behaved, happy English sheepdog!

You yarny types out there will be wondering what I used for the grey spots... I am too embarrassed to tell you, let me just say that for the first time in a long while, it ain't Schaefer!


  1. What a great costume! And she looks so happy!

  2. Supermom! No matter how busy it has been for you, you made this project your priority. It was the most amazing sheep dog costume EVER!
    ...and her performance was stellar! Go Nana!

  3. holy frijoles! that's one awesome english sheep dog costume, great job. the kiddo looks so happy!

  4. she is so stinking cute. sorry that we missed that. we love peter pan. i am missing you my nirvana friend. i will be in touch about coming down. maybe we could meet at dano's. yummmmm!


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