What I learned at SQUAM:

I just got back from SQUAM and I'm a new girl, something in me is different, I spent the day alternating between laughing and crying it was such an amazing journey. I went to SQUAM to teach, and ended up learning more than in a long time. My classes went really well, all my students were amazing and managed to learn a ton while being at one of the most beautiful places I've ever spent time at. (more on this in another post) My cabin mates are all phenomenal women who I am honored to include as my new BFF'S: Alexandra, Andrea, Betz, Donna, Kellen, Kristin, Kimm, Lizzie, Maggie, Marisa, and Maya! Elizabeth (squam's mama) did the most wonderful work in bringing us all together, thankyou Elizabeth!
  • Nirvana is not just a state of mind. (it's the name of my new second home)
  • To quiet myself in class (those who have taken my classes know that I LOVE to crack jokes and chat alot, this is NOT conducive to all day lace classes, and I had to get myself under control) I achieved this by the Circulate cuff class on the third day and had great results see?
  • That a woman typically says 20,000 words a day, and when you are in a cabin with 11 other women that is ALOT (240,000 to be exact) of words! (Thanks Betz, for this enlightening fact, my man loved it!)
  • When a group of artists gather, whether they share the same medium or not, they will support each other in a way that will feed, inspire, and motivate them. Our discussions levitated our cabin off the ground and I haven't managed to land yet!
  • Jess and Casey the inspired folks behind Ravelry are REALLY fun late night!
  • Maya is someone I cannot live without and cherish more and more, my weekend with her only solidified how a strong friendship can only grow stronger when it's given time and energy to be nurtured and enjoyed. I love you sweetheart!
I miss you all and CANNOT wait for next June!


  1. I don't want it to end!! I'm so grateful that I get to have you EVERYDAY! We can miss everyone together... and yes, our already strong friendship grew stronger... and so much deeper. I love you soooooooooooooo much!!

  2. miss you, one of my 800 BFF's {you're definitely in the top 10} :)

  3. oh your feelings about squam resonate so deeply in my own heart. i attended last september and arrived home a new person. unfortunalty this year i will not be able to attend, but really enjoying soaking up your thoughts about it.


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