Finally, Flip-Top Mittens!

When my Miss B was 6 she very clearly told me EXACTLY what she wanted in a mitten down to all the minute details.  These mittens she envisioned had one very clear design detail... they needed a flap so she could get her fingers out for all the important playground activities that required them.  So, I made her a pair, just like she ordered, and loved the design so much that I wrote it up and submitted it to Judith Durants 101 Designer One Skein Wonders.  Flip-Top Mittens was one of my first published patterns, and I am still so proud of it!

As will happen, Miss B grew out of her gloves, and though they are pink and purple they are now being sported by her 5-year-old buddy, Jayden. Gotta love that boy!  This fall she requested a new pair and once I finished my last round of deadlines I quick whipped her out some in Schaefer Yarn's Nichole.  The original pattern called for Schaefer Yarn's Lola, which is being discontinued.  This was also a great way for me to test that they would work well in Nichole as well... which they definitely do!

 Pattern: Flip-Top Mittens
Yarn: Schaefer Yarn's Nichole, in Peter

My girl is thrilled with her new pair of flip-tops,  I bet members of your family would be too; the pattern is sized from a size 2 -4 to men's small, so you can make them for almost everyone!

Oh, and the winner of the It's in the Bag Giveaway is: #1 Imene
I've sent you an e-mail so I can get your snail mail address and get your goodies on their way!  (How cool is that the the random number generator choose #1?)


  1. oohh congrats to Imene! and LOVE the flip top mittens. just finished a pair for the boy and they are perfect!

  2. Love these and I think they'll go to the top of my queue.....but after spending Thanksgiving weekend with my four 20-something kids, they all want mittens/gloves with the thumb free so that they can use their I-Pods and cell phones :-)

  3. How random...#1...congrats to the winner. Great prize.

    Great mittens.

  4. love these. i wish that my daughter could just order up something like this from me.

    hope that you are well. miss you.


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