I've decided it was time to show you my W.I.P's just so you  know I've been knitting: 

Recycled Burlap W.I.P. Bucket from Maya*Made
Read Maya's dynamic blog here, buy buckets here

Clockwise around:
Venezia by Eunny Jang for me:
Yarn: Jamieson Yarn, Shetland Spindrift; 10 colors
Status: 1 sleeve and body up to neckline split done!  I am making this a v-neck referring to the mods made here.  I VOW to only work on this once I get the Snuggler off to tech and model knitters.  You can see from my Rav page that I haven't knit on it since last December, a travesty for something SO beautiful!

Angee by Cookie A for my hubby:
Yarn: Schaefer Yarn, Anne; Ash
Status : MUST RIP and start again... major knitter's denial here, added one more lace rpt as the gauge on Anne is smaller and I was making them for my hubby, it kept saying they were loose, I kept knitting, and then when knit group saw it, the first thing they said was... THEY ARE BIGGG, and so, I shall rip and repeat with one less lace repeat (i.e. make it just like Cookie wrote it in the first place!)

Flip Top Mittens for the girl:
Yarn: Schaefer Yarn, Nichole; Peter
Status: One almost down, must make thumb a little longer, then one to go!  I love this pattern and will devote a whole post to it once the second mitten is done.

The Snuggler a new design by me
Yarn: Schaefer Yarn, Susan; Barbara McClintock
Almost done with the hood, then finish writing up pattern, size the pattern, and off to the techy people to "fix" it for me! 

Btw, I've finally started a Nelkin Designs Group on Ravelry, please join us!


  1. Beautiful, Laura... Especially the Venezia. Haven't seen that one in a while!

  2. ooohhh Venezia looks great! cannot wait to see it done. and I finallyh caved and got your flip top mitten pattern- the boy needs a pair and I have a ton of sock yarn that will look good

  3. ps, very excited about the "snuggler" anything called a snuggler gets knit in this house ;)


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