Olympic Knitting: Day 8

I'm almost halfway through my skein for my Olympic Challenge.  I got lots of work done on it this week while in Ottawa with my family.  Days were spent skating, skiing, museuming (and eating, of course!). 
Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada

Nights were spent watching the Olympics and knitting. The shawl even got it's name, Winterlude, in honor of the festival being held in Ottawa while we were there!  All lace and cables, a triangular shawl, worked from the bottom up, it has the appearance of windblown snow. 

I am quite smitten, the final decision to be made is whether the edging gets beads or not, any thoughts?


  1. It's looking very gorgeous and wintery; beads could be really neat.

  2. so wintery! and cables! go for the beads

  3. Oh, you're right! It totally has the appearance of windblown snow! As for the edging, I don't know. I see your conundrum. It's got enough lovely detail to not need the beads, really, though I'm sure they'd be a lovely addition. Clear or white beads on white would give it a gorgeous crystalline effect, too, I'm sure. I can't wait to see what you decide!

  4. Beads! Beads beads beads beads beads.



    Sorry, I get exuberant sometimes.

  5. The shawl is beautiful! I found your blog through the #knittingolympics tag on twitter and now I can't wait to see this finished. Very, very cool Olympic project!


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