Will Glory Be Mine?

     I'm heading into the home stretch of the Knitting Olympics and it's hard to say if glory will be mine!  The body of Winterlude was done as of early Thursday eve, and it took me the rest of that night and part of Friday to finalize the design for the edging.  I used beads, just like you requested, and was about 50 sts into it last night when I decided it wasn't working, so .... RIP back I did and fixed the problem.  I started again late last night but have 85 eight row repeats to do, with beads, which makes them fiddly, but fun!  Can I do it?  
     Feelings of doubt are starting to creep in.  I have a full day today with a baby shower (luckily that knitting is DONE!) and some Schaefer work, and teach Entomology on Sunday from 12 - 5.  I can almost taste victory... almost, but not quite!  This Olympic Knitting challenge, it's not as easy as it looks. I'm so inspired by all of the other projects that are getting done around me that glory MUST be mine too, light a candle for me?
     Oh, and thanks SO MUCH for your naming ideas... For obvious reasons I had to put that project on the back burner, but rest assured, you will see it again soon!


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