Mitten Swap Part Two

Con't from Mitten Swap Part One...
I was finished with the first mitten, and just starting the second, when my package from Norway came with my swap partner's mittens for me.  I decided I was not allowed to open it until I finished and mailed off the Maya mittens, which really lit a fire under my proverbial behind!  I had a wonderful time finding goodies to package with the mitts, wrapped it all up, popped them in the mail, and ran home to open my surprise. 

Mitten Swap Package from OsloAnn
And WOW, OsloAnn sent me not one but TWO pairs of the most gorgeous mittens.... The 1st pair is knit in 2-ply Rauma in a traditional Selbuvotter pattern, this wool is going to keep me warm when skiing starts again next winter.  
Mittens from OsloAnn!
The 2nd pair are knit from Skinny Bugga and Black Bunny Fibers in the pattern Overhogdal from Solveigs Vantar (by Solveig Larsson).  They have the sweetest deer with the biggest rack I have ever seen!  LOVE THEM!
Mittens from OsloAnn! Mittens from OsloAnn!
This was my first, and definitely not my last swap, what fun to knit and shop for gifts for someone else... and then receive a package in the mail.  It was the perfect pick-me-up for my end of the winter blues!


  1. What gorgeous mitts. That is a nice way to end the winter by having two brand new, warm mitts just waiting for next year.

  2. I am so glad you liked them, and that they fit ... well, they seem to be a little big on your daughter's hands though ;)
    When I discovered that little thing about you not being comfortable with coarse wool around your hands, that's when I decided to make another pair. But maybe the Rauma will be soft after some time, after some use. Anyway, I hope you'll have a lot of use of it - in the next season; it has been a pleasure :D)

    Eh, it's not a rack. It's the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil.

  3. Beautiful Mittens!

    KnitPurlGurl suggested your blog and glad she did. Enjoying reading.


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