My Year of Making.... #yearofmaking

Have you ever checked out Instagram?  I've been really really enjoying it lately as a way to see what others are up to!  I follow mostly makers and friends, and their photos of food, life, crafting, art, and nature never fail to inspire.... or make me hungry!

Last year my friend Miriam Felton participated in a Year of Making, where she captured an image of her daily works in progress.... she stated that her challenge wasn't to make, but to document and do it with intent.
1/365- For my next Craftsy class!
So, I thought, I can do that!  I already make at least one thing a day! But I agree with Miriam, the documenting is the challenging part, for one thing, half of what I make is secret and I can't share it.... so expect a fair number of photos that don't show you much (like above and below)!
4/365- Unraveling to make a design BETTER!
I've decided that I get have my #yearofmaking be guilt free... I really don't need my making to be  stressful, it's a release.  So I'll be posting photos most days, but if I miss it because I'm at a family wedding, or sick in bed, or just forget that is ok!  Cause it's my challenge!  The last thing I need is more stress, right?
6/365- Starting an Artichoke French for my Girl!
So, follow along on Instagram or Twitter.... and should you decide to join in let me know, I'd love to see what you are making everyday too!

Aaaaand, you can see that by following along you get some pretty good sneak peeks of what is to come, right?
7/365- An idea!!!!


  1. Ooh, I love 7/365! Whatever your idea is, keep going with it!

    1. Promise! I am in the middle of some HUGE deadlines right now, and then it's next on my list!

  2. Another Craftsy class? Yes please!

  3. Happy 2104. I love following the Year of Making, and I like the secret process ones the best (like the unravel , above).

    1. Happy Happy to you too Gale! I promise to document my frogging more for you : )!

  4. I want to do 7/365!!!!!!

  5. ok, you have inspired me. i've made Skywalker and Clarus twice ( one for a gift and one for me )
    and now i am doing the Magpie KAL with you. This will be a great way to document my progress!
    i may even start blogging again.


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