On Sewing Knits....

This weekend I decided it was time to get some sewing done... in November I had done some damage at Mood Fabrics in their wool jersey aisle and it was time to try out the Renfrew pattern I got in December.  (This is all because I am going to Fancy Tiger next week and if I want to buy more fabric I gots to stashdown!)
I am certainly comfortable at the sewing machine, but I did not work with knits in college (or beyond) so I decided to watch Meg McElwee's Sewing with Knits on Craftsy Friday night before I dove into Renfrew.  I'm going to admit that this is the first time I've ever really been a Craftsy student..... I've watched classes before, but not been an involved learner.  Sewing knits is a very different beast than sewing woven fabrics and there is alot to learn (and buy!).  In fact, I woke up early Saturday am to be at the fabric store the moment they opened to buy a walking foot and elastic thread.  Within 5 minutes of being at the shop I learned my 20 year old machine had a built in walking foot, and the ability to use a twin needle (yeah PFAFF!) and that I only needed to spend $2.49 on clear elastic. WOOT!

We had a busy weekend, but by Sunday afternoon I had a finished shirt that is my new favorite thing... and I had decided that Meg and I should be BFF's.  Spending so much time with her this weekend really helped me understand the phenomena of feeling like you "know" your Craftsy instructor....
Next up, I have some gorgeous robin's egg blue wool jersey for a Renfrew with a more dramatic cowl neck.  (This one is small as I ran out of fabric and had a "make it work" moment....)


  1. The top is lovely. How cool that you got to sit at our end of a Craftsy class. They're well done, aren't they?

  2. I would say you are a good student! I bought the same pattern at the end of December, but I haven't made mine yet. Yours looks great on you.


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