Just One More: Magpie Shawl

Ready for the next pattern release in Just One More, my new serialized e-book dedicated to my knitting addiction? The moment I finished up the Magpie Mystery KAL I knew I HAD to design a shawl with the same shaping. 
Magpie Shawl gets to play with two-colors of yarn.... they can both be solid, or a solid and a handpaint, OR a solid and a gradient!  The version I knit resulted from a happy stash dive.  Jill Draper Makes Stuff Esopus in North Atlantic and Tanis Fibers Arts Purple Label in Spearmint played perfectly together... I chose these colors while it was still a disgusting brown/grey outside and was obviously wanting some spring on my needles!

Then Lorrie, one of my lovely Ravelry mods, said she'd test knit for me and I "convinced" her to use Shibui Staccato and Noro Taiyo Sock so I could show you how fun this design is when you play with a gradient.  I was obviously inspired by for this version by Anja's Magpie MKAL!
I really went out on a limb trusting that the geometry of Magpie would work and as it came together I could see how it could easily (ok, sort of easily) translate into a more traditional triangular shawl shape. Magpie Shawl starts with two mitered triangles joined at their tips.  Then each wing is worked out, first with short rows and then with gently decreasing stripes. In the end you have made a generously sized triangular shawl with a whole new construction!
Gale Zucker took these fun photos during our shoot at TNNA.... I need to figure out how to get my teleporter working so we can work together again, I'm spoiled by working with her!
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Note: Purchasing the eBook Just One More ($21.00) represents a significant discount over purchasing each pattern in the e-book separately ($7.00 each) as they are released. If you have already purchased Just One More the pdf has been updated to include Magpie Shawl... ENJOY!


  1. Gorgeous. It,s what I thought magpie was going to look like. The yarn you used is beauteous.

  2. I like that teleporter idea! Get going on it, girl. ;-)
    Loved shooting you and this shawl!


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