Just One More: Pavito Shawl Round Two!

Ready for a labor of love everyone?  Not every knitting project should be fast and easy.... that's not what knitting is all about!  After Pavito Shawl released in A Verb for Keeping Warm's Pro-Verbial club, I realized I wanted to make a few changes... and knit another one... which surprised me as it was not a quick knit and I've had a lot on my plate.  But, the "real" ideas continue to nag at me and I knew this had to be a revised pattern for Just One More! In fact, the idea was so loud that two colorways (and yarn styles) of the new version of Pavito needed to be knit! Now, that's the sign of a persistent design!
I made a few changes to Pavito, to simplify the welt structure, and flip the lining behind the lace sections.... this idea of layering lace over another piece of knit fabric in intriguing.  I could go places with this!

This version is knit in Shibui Cloud in Raspberry and Cima in Bordeaux... this color combo makes me happy! Thanks Colleen for taking over and finishing it up for me... I really needed more hands!

This next version (knit by the AWESOME Lorrie) is knit in Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace and Sweet Georgia Silk Merino Lace.

I went stash diving for both of these... one of the BEST perks of my job is when yarn companies just send me yarn to play with.  Even if I can't use it right then it's bound to turn into something beautiful at some point!  So big thanks to Shibui, Lorna's Laces and Sweet Georgia for keeping me well supplied with their pretties!
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Note: Purchasing the eBook Just One More ($21.00) represents a significant discount over purchasing each pattern in the e-book separately ($7.00 each) as they are released. If you have already purchased Just One More the pdf has been updated to include Pavito... ENJOY!


  1. Those are really really beautiful shawls - both colorcombinations are great, I love the green spots in the turquoise and you are right, the raspberry/bordeaux one is really happy!
    I believe those shawls are labours of love - but worth every minute spent with them!


  2. spectacular photos! the shawls look great.

  3. I purchased the Pavito Shawl pattern and can't wait to start! Do you think it would be ok to use a sock weight yarn?



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