Knockout Knits: What's Inside? Week 5!

Wow!  I'm home from our grand European adventure, and it's time for another 4 patterns from Knockout Knits to be loaded onto Ravelry!  That means only 3 more for next Tuesday September 2nd when the book officially releases!

There are still signed copies available : )! I'm signing and shipping copies already ordered over the next few days... I even got a new pen in Switzerland to get to sign with!

Bootsy Boot Toppers from Wrapped Stitches at Play!
Cha-Ching Mitts from Beaded Beauties
Cha-Ching Tam from Beaded Beauties
Techo from Get Your Lace On!
I'm super excited to release the kits I've made for the Cha-Ching Tam and Mitts... that will be in just a few short weeks!


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