Weekend Sewing: A knit Amelia Dress!

I've had a few fashion emergencies over the past few weeks when I realized that every photo taken while I'm teaching has me wearing one of the same 3 outfits... so since I had a weekend at home I thought I should devote some time to making a new dress!
I got a great heavy weight cabled (but flat) olive green knit while in Sante Fe at Santa Fe fabrics and thought it would make the perfect Amelia. I had sewn this dress in a woven cotton this spring, and love it, but the zipper is a wee bit wonky.  By trying it in a knit I could skip cutting it on the bias, and the zipper and therefor save fabric and a major headache (imho).
I ended up making a few other mods as well, like getting rid of the back darts, shortening the height of the shoulder instead of the waist (this made the armhole smaller), which is a good thing for my short torso, and moving the front darts to my apex (ahem).
And, then I realized the belt I had knit this summer for another design is PERFECT for this dress.  It's just a long garter stitch band with a Jul Designs shawl closure.

So, if you see me this fall I'll probably be wearing this dress! Another plus about getting it done was that we got to use it in today's shoot for the final pattern in Just One More.... look for that next week.


  1. Woman, you look soooooo glam and fierce! Love it!

  2. Awesome project! You're brave to tackle a woven pattern in a knit fabric, but it sounds like you made some good modifications to accommodate the change in fabric.

  3. beautiful dress on beautiful you...


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