Dream in Color Club: Cruzado Cowl!

Introducing Cruzado Cowl... Dream in Color's October Dream in Color Club design.  This spring I was sent a STUNNING skein of Classy... and I knew that I wanted to design a super simple cowl that would really highlight the yarn's color shifts. Typically I am drawn to stitches that create a pattern, but knowing they would get lost I lost myself in garter stitch with just a few bands of elongated stitches. As I knit on this design I kept being asked about the yarn... it's jaw droppingly GORGEOUS, and the perfect fall color!
Cruzado Cowl plays with a Möbius cast on, so though there are MANY stitches on the needles, it only has 23 rounds.  For those of you who haven't worked a traditional Möbius before, the cast on makes it so you are working the cowl from the center out.
The border of Cruzado has a the Knit-Cross 6 stitch that you might be familiar with from Knockout Knits..... a favorite for mixing up colors in hand painted yarn.
Thankyou Dream in Color for inviting me to be a part of this project! Right now the only way to get this pattern (and the YARN!) is through the DoC Club. Go here for a list of stores that participate. I'll be releasing the pattern in January 2015.


  1. Really Beautiful, Laura!

  2. wow, this is a perfect use for my store credit at the Loopy Ewe! Cannot wait to make this!

  3. Love your model and love this cowl. I had to go immediately and order this yarn/pattern combo as it is perfect!!

  4. I also had to immediately order this. WOW - love the pattern and the color is spectacular.


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