The M Club: 2015 and a Magmatic Recap!

Sign-Ups opened for next year's M Club a few weeks ago and I've been so busy I realized I never blogged about it!  Details on the club are here. I won't restate them all in this post... but there will be 4 shipments... 2 will be MKAL's (also public) and 2 will be exclusive to members of the club.

One of my favorite parts of running a club is having a close knit (pardon the pun) community of knitters all working on the same piece together and putting their individual spin on it. As a designer getting to work with yarn, bead and craft companies to put together the kits is an absolute blast!  The 4th design is particularly fun as I'll be sending extra pieces for it throughout the year in the first 3 kits. I tried this last year with Magmatic MKAL and it was SO fun that I had to include it again!
Have you seen Magmatic yet? I really freaked members out with the construction of this MKAL. We started by making a magic ball with the yarns sent and then cast on 400+ stitches and worked a chevron stitch with elongated stitches AND placed beads. I LOVE how the place beads ended up zigzagging with the chevron stitch. (click on the photos below to see them bigger)
Finally, when the yarn was virtually gone it was time to steek (cut) it and to turn it into a scarf.  Of course I made videos for the cutting and the fringing. It was great fun to revive a technique I used to use when I was a weaver! Intrigued? You can read more about the process here.
Magmatic MKAL will be released as an individual pattern next August... one of the privileges of being in the club is getting 2 patterns exclusive to it's members for the first year!

My magic ball obsession continues... I'll be releasing a pattern next week inspired by Magmatic that uses the magic ball technique as well! SO FUN!