Well, I went from thinking I had nothing to blog about this week too an overload of news so I think I'll give you one of those easy to read list style posts.... you ready?

1. We have a WINNER for week's giveaway.... Congrats to Mary Tole you win!  Get in touch to claim your prize(s)!

2. I did an interview with the absolutely lovely Mel of Single Handed Knits last week that posted this morning.... we chatted long and hard, and I have decided that she should be my therapist, seriously, she was easy to "really" talk to!  Go grab a cup of tea, and your knitting, and have a listen, and then read all about the giveaways she is having to celebrate Knockout Knits... I adore seeing my labor of love being shared by knitters!

3. I've been nominated by Craftsy for a Blogging Award for Best Knitting Blog!  Will you vote for me?  It would be fun to win... I've never gotten a blogging award before : )!
4. The 1st Quarter KAL in my Ravelry group is going strong!  This week's prize is an intriguing new product, the Special Secret Sock Blank from Gale's Art! This one is all about LOVE... all you have to do is post a photo in the KAL thread of a Nelkin Designs project you are working on to be eligible to win it (more details here).

5. I'm off on a little trip this week (hopefully... we weren't actually supposed to get any snow, but it's been snowing all day!) Expect to see photos of this week's adventure on Instagram and Facebook! Below is a photo from this morning's cold hike...


  1. I loved your interview. Just looking for a pattern for knitted gnocchi now!

  2. The interview with Mel was so enjoyable. I sat with Knockout Knits looking through it as you two chatted about all the projects.

  3. Voted for you as well as others in various categories.....hope you wwin the Blog award, Laura!

  4. Voted for you as well as others in various categories.....hope you wwin the Blog award, Laura!

  5. loved listening to the interview and of course i voted! so happy that uninterrupted family time is so close!

  6. I of course voted for you! And had a blast listening to this very nice, natural, and interesting interview with the lovely Melanie! Thanks for sharing a bit more of you!
    Bon voyage!

  7. Hi Laura, I'm the lucky winner of the drawing. I have been under the weather so I just read about it. Not sure where to contact you, please let me know so I can get my information to you.