Citgo Cowl: A Craftsy Student's SUCCESS!

Oh... I am so excited to share something with you! 

While I was away last week one of the students from my Craftsy Design Your Own Cowl Class published a stunning and innovative cowl pattern I just have to show you! Check out Citgo Cowl by JustineLark!!!!!
Part of what is so exciting about this is seeing how a knitter can watch my class, practice with the patterns and templates included and GO.FOR.IT and then realize their own truly innovative piece. That was my goal when I made the plan for Design Your Own Cowl, and I'm thrilled Craftsy and I succeeded!

Citgo Cowl is Justine's first pattern... it is a moebius, and the chevron shaping is created by working short row triangles in the first round of the cowl.  Justine is one of the main moderator's in my Ravelry group, and when I heard she was working on her first design I wanted to know more. I had a really hard time wrapping my brain around how the construction worked... so I asked if I could test knit it!
Such a fun knit… it flew off my needles! It was a great challenge to be a tester instead of the designer, so good to put yourself in others shoes sometimes. I knit mine with Quince and Co Osprey leftovers from my Rhinebeck sweater.... it is wonderful to have color to throw around my neck for the dreary winter days that have taken hold.

Also, I just posted February's prizes for the 1st Quarter KAL in my Ravelry group.... they are pretty awesome, and as usual I kinda wanna keep them all!  Thanks to DragonFly Fibers, Anzula, Ross Farm Fibers, Soak, Jill Draper and Jennie the Potter!  Y'all are the best!


  1. Love this. You are a great teacher that a student has published her own design. Great teacher, great student!!


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