Triplex... A New Kit!

Triplex is all about the number three!  It starts with three friends: a designer, a yarnie, and a button maker who decided to join forces and create a kit! I did the designing and knitting, Jill provided me with some incredible yarn, and Jennie made gorgeous buttons to match.
Triplex comes in three different colors: Iris, Pine and Trillium all in Jill's exclusive Mohonk, a 100% Cormo sport weight.
Triplex can be worn in three different ways: If you fold Triplex lengthwise and button it you’ve got a shrug, if you wear it centered at the back and bring the ends over your shoulder and button it you have a “ruana” and if you just wrap it around your body you have a shawl!

And Triplex plays with three knitting techniques: You’ll be expanding your knitting skills by working with elongated stitches, ruching and attached i-cord!.

Three times the fun, that’s what Triplex is!

If you are at Stitches West this weekend you can see kits in person at Jill and Jennie's booth (933, 935 & 937), I wish I could say that you'd see me there too, but I'm home, with a sick kid, a bored dog, and some negative wind chill temps to keep me company.

Luckily, I know not everyone can make it to Stitches West, so I have a limited number of kits available in my Etsy shop!