Recap: Nautical Knitting Cruise

Oh wow... sorry for the silence! It took me days to write this as I had literally thousands of photos on my camera (film is cheap these days) from the fabulous Nautical Knitting Cruise I went on with Melissa Leapman and Patty Lyons. Seriously... SO FUN! We had a huge group and made some memories! Want to see?

(Please keep in mind that the lighting on the cruise was less than stellar at times so some of these don't meet my rigid photography standards (HA!) but they were too good not to share!)
Our Boat....
Clearly Melissa, Patty and I are actually the Charlie's Angels, masquerading as knitting teachers...
Sabrina (from Anzula) came... and everyone got REALLY nice yarn in their goodie bags!
Leaving Tampa behind....
First night... I love a conference center filthy with knitters!
Do you see all the pocket people? So many of our friends couldn't make it... but we brought them along anyway!
I hot tubbed with these ladies... just sayin'!
Oh, and these ladies too!
Laurel and Greta... these two are the bomb! We went to Mexico and had so much fun no photos were taken! Hay Muchos Tacos en Mexico!!!! Estás de acuerdo Greta?
My only regret, not getting more time to just sit and look at the sea... I think I need a longer cruise next time!
In port at Key West.... a boat just a wee bit smaller than ours!
There were classes too! 21 total between the 3 of us... and of course there were pocket people at every one! 
Getting ready to give my talk.... the rapport Melissa, Patty and I had was fabulous... I think we missed our calling as stand up comedians!

Nelkin Designs Fashion Show... this is just a little peek into what was an amazing showing of my designs... THANKYOU KNITTERS!!!!!

Melissa thanking Jennifer for all her last minute help!
Teaching Pocket People a little mini class! Emma was being loud and I had to ring the bell to get her to pipe down!
Windy Las Cruces group...
The Hot Flashes...
The Hot Flashes "pretending" to do a the Can-Can!
Everyone that we could find from the Ravelry group.... : )!
There is nothing like taking an on-line friendship and making it real... plus no one lost a kidney, right?
The biggest problem with teaching knitting is there is no time to knit! Here I am looking like an addict trying to get in just a few rows while Patty gave a great talk on getting gauge (or not getting it!)
Last Night... cocktail party...Pattie's husband wasn't "that" into me taking his mug shot!
My "baes" Jennifer and Frank!
Helene learned how to knit with beads, and finished her Stereo Cuff at the cocktail party!
It was like herding cats, but we got a group photo with almost everyone!!!
Oh, and did you see Crucero, a new shawl that I designed for the cruise? Here's a peek...

You can see tons more photos and read about it here. Since it uses a special yarn (Anzula Breeze, and two colors of beads, I made a few kits for it!)

I've got more in the works for 2016,  I can't wait to see where Melissa, the best cruise director ever, takes us next! Sign up for my mailing list if you want to be the first to know!



  1. Thank you for posting those awsome pictures! We had a terrific time and it's so hard to believe that it's over.

  2. Thank you so much for including us pocket people even if we were a tad unruly in our special class. The pictures are great and let us see how much fun everybody had.

  3. Trip of a lifetime! I miss all of my knitting besties!!!!

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  5. What great photos
    I still can't believe we went on a cruise ship, after planning for over a year��

  6. Fabulous Photos !!! soooo wonderful to see everyone together having such a good time. thanks for sharing xxx

  7. Knit Fool Deirdre (Rav)December 15, 2015 at 8:40 PM

    That's a fun variety of pictures to show the range of fun everyone had.

    You are always terrific - you, Patty, & Melissa combined were great!

    Thanks for a great time!

  8. Love the pictures although they are nothing compared with the cruise! Had such a great time!

  9. Love all your pictures Laura. What a great time and everyone shared so much with us at home. It was fun to keep up with your activities. We Pocket People had lots of fun too and learned lots in class! Thanks for teaching a special class for us!😊

  10. I am very jealous and wish I could have gone....maybe next time. Liisa - finnknitter

  11. I had a fabulous time. Thanks for all your efforts to make the trip wonderful. I posted a picture on the rav group page under the Thanks thread.

  12. You guys were having the funnest time. I smile whenever I see a pic of y'all.

  13. Great time - teachers, ship, friends new and old, the experience and all the people were incredible. I came home and asked myself "What just happened?!"

  14. What a great amazing time it must have been!!! Okay I sometime was a little too chatty!!! But the not loudest I guess! Thanks for putting me back on track!

  15. You are the bomb! I had such a blast with you and learned a lot. When are you coming to Belgium?:)


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