Beaded Waves Cuff... now in Cotton!

Well, I'm starting to get ready for my yearly trip to TNNA... which means NEW KITS! Ready for the first one?

Some of you know this one has been in the works for a while... it's Beaded Waves Cuff in Cotton!

With only 10 yards of yarn, 3 different colors of beads and an hour of your time you can make this cuff! Beaded Waves Cuff plays with elongating stitches on one row, and then placing beads on them on the next row. The kit includes generous amounts of beads to allow for fun color play without the risk of running out.

The pattern is sized and has a  video tutorial to help with the tricksy bits!

I've got some available in my Etsy shop... and tons more coming with me to TNNA! Tell your local Yarn Store you want to see them stocked and that they can pick them up in booth #491! Thanks for helping spread the word about these fun, satisfying, and pretty kits!

So, which is your favorite color? I can't wait to hear! (I am LOVING THE FUCHSIA!)


  1. I think the black one looks very classy. I would probably wear the denim one more.


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