Recap: Maryland Sheep and Wool 2016!

We're back from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival... the best Mother's Day weekend I've ever had! My girl was helping out in Jill Draper's booth (some of you bought yarn from her)... and I was helping out there and taking time to enjoy the festival!
There was a great meet up on Saturday of many from the Ravelry group... so fabulous to give and receive so many hugs, and see what everyone got! I even did a Facebook Live event from the meet -up which isn't the best quality, but gives you an idea of what being at a festival is like!

I passed off Knitlandia to Helene... the first person on the Book Around! I am so very very excited to follow the travels of Knitlandia! Read fast Helene!
I got to see Kate... who I talk to alot online but not so much in real life... we had Artichoke French, it did not disappoint!
Some highlights from Saturday:
Some highlights from Sunday:

And YES... I got yarn... wanna see?
From Left to Right:
Spirit Trail Fiberworks Birte in Maine Sumac- for an "idea"... if all goes well you'll see it next Fall at Rhinebeck! (or maybe even before!)
Flying Fibers Yarn Company Yorkshire Medley in Rust- I am SUPER excited to swatch with this blend of Blue Faced Leicester and Wensleydale that my friends Jeri and Irina are having milled exclusively for their store!
Neighborhood Fiber Company Capital Luxury Lace in Fells Point- for the future!
DragonFly Fibers brand new base Valkyrie in Winter Woods- I am officially obsessed with knitting up Novus Jacket in a few other gauges... this might work really well for it!
Jamie Harmon's Rainbow Yarn- Merino/Angora/Alpaca 2 ply yarn... I'm making my buddie Carmyn (see the cutie above) a little shawlette out of it as she and I decided it was just too yummy not to buy!
Briar Rose Fibers Collett- their new bulky base, perfect for this "other" idea of mine! They had a Novus Jacket knit up in it and it was PERFECT for it! Unfortunately my photos didn't do it justice!

I'm sure you can tell from above that I got just a little bit inspired while at the festival! I have ALOT of knitting/designing ahead of me!

Oh, and I forgot to announce the winner of the Escapado Kit ... congrats go to Kitten with a Whiplash! I'm not sure I'll do colorwork, but I love your idea of some dance lessons : )!


  1. Love your yarn haul! Novus Jacket in different gauges?? I am in!!

  2. Loved seeing you at MD! Look forward to seeing you at TNNA, and NY! :-D

  3. Thank You! I guess I'm going to be on pins and needles for a while, eh? Let me know thru Ravelry how and when you want my info. Love those buttons, and the forks remind me of the ones we used to make in shop back in the 70s, and wear them on leather thongs (straps, not underwear!) Thanks again! And again!

  4. Knit Fool DeirdreMay 10, 2016 at 10:10 PM

    Great way to capture a fun weekend! We enjoyed meeting Kate, too. It was fun seeing you, the Nelkinites, & meet Bella & your friends.

  5. What a fun weekend. Loved the FB live video - so nice to see the lovely people that we chat with here on the group.

  6. What is the deal with the fork?

    1. I think it is for getting pickles out of a jar? The 12 yo boy in me thought it was the best thing ever!

  7. Thank you Laura for being so gracious as always. It was lovely to see you again and I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend!

    Irina of Flying Fibers