Migra Mitts Kit!

Migra Mitts were designed as the pattern for the 3rd kit of 2015's M Club and now they are ready to release as a kit!
Migra Mitts are knit with one skein of Gale's Art MYS 622 a stunning blend of merino, yak, and silk. I've kept the original Lola's Red Gale dyed for the club last year... and added 3 new colors! The kit contains 250 yards of MYS, 2 different sizes of Japanese Seed Beads, a dental floss threader, and a download code for a pdf of the pattern.
Migra means Migrates in Spanish, which is a perfect translation for this beaded stitch as it migrates (or travels) from one side of the hand to the other. The pattern is sized, and the Right and Left Mitts are mirrored. 

You’ll get to play with two different beading techniques (beads on yarnovers and slipping beads in between stitches) while working double sided lace in the round... FUN TIMES!!!! The lovely part about this pattern is that the smaller beads (size 8) are the ones that are slipped between sts, and the larger beads (size 6) are worked on yarnovers... this makes it really easy to notice if you have gone off pattern or forgotten a bead!

And of course there is a video! It is 15 minutes long, and teaches you all the tricksy bits!

Kits are available... check them out! Can't wait to see which colors you are drawn too! I for one, am making myself the Silver ones!


  1. Love these new colors and I love my Migra Mitts from MClub...just have to have more of these great mitts!

  2. Hi Laura, I have never got on with DPNs, is it possible to use a circular needle instead ? and if so, what size cable?
    Thank you

    1. Hi! Yes, you can always substitute magic loop for double pointed needles... I would use a circular needle that is at least 32 inches long!


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