My TNNA 2016 Recap!

Hello All!

I'm back from TNNA (the yarn industry's wholesale show) and once again it was a whirlwind of a weekend! As always the show was a blast... I've been going to TNNA for the last 10+ years in one capacity or another and it is always energizing to see so many friends! (oh, and all that yarn!) It was hard for me to stay put in my booth this year as Lola is REALLY excited about her new club and just wanted to shop for it!
One way you can tell that I'm having a good time is that I took hardly any photos... so I went to some of my buddies Instagram feeds and "borrowed" from them!

Clara and I clearly enjoy a good photo bomb!
My booth was full of friends and smiles like these all weekend long!
And then at night things got a little more serious.... if I'm ever in a girl band, this is my album cover!
Laura tried to steal my Synthesis.... I wouldn't let her, so now she needs to knit her own!
I fell in love with ALOT of goodies there... one of which is Kelbourne Woolens newest yarn... Arranmore. Mmmm, a wool, silk, cashmere Donegal tweed? I am in!
photo credit: Kelbourne Woolens blog
Upon my return I released the next M Club pattern, Brioche Bandido... have you seen it? I'm pretty darn in love with it! It combines: Stockinette Brioche, Crazy Cowl Construction and Beaded Two-Color Cable Cast On's... this design is chock full of learning which is what The M Club is all about! It combines exclusively dyed yarns from 4 indie Dyers: Periwinkle Sheep, Sweet Georgia Yarns, SpaceCadet Creations AND Jill Draper Makes Stuff...
Oh, and congrats go to Margarete2000 you are the winner of the Synthesis MKAL kit! Get in touch and I'll pop it in the mail to you!


  1. Omg, so much fun! I would LOVE to go with you one of these days! I would totally work the booth while you shopped!

  2. Omg, so much fun! I would LOVE to go with you one of these days! I would totally work the booth while you shopped!

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  4. Love all the photos. Thanks for sharing. Love the lineup one

  5. Looks like a great time was had by all...such cute photos!! Now to get Lola to FOCUS...LOL...

  6. I love all the pictures, especially the serious band one. You all should be on the cover or someone's album.

  7. Oh wow!! That Lala can't keep her paws off your designs! She tried to swipe my Novus Jacket at DFW too!

  8. Oh wow great fun...What are we going to do with Lola....


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