What is the N Club?

In the fall of every year I open enrollment for my flagship club, The N Club

N Club is my most special and exclusive kit club. I create three extraordinary kits that feature a brand new design, paired with bespoke yarn that’s dyed just for us. 

Volvox and Take Me Away from 2020's N Club

There is always an optional beading component, and a surprise gift too!

With your membership you also gain access to our private Facebook community, and Friday night virtual unboxing events. A lot goes into creating this club experience, and I want to let you in on what goes on behind the scenes.

Creating each design starts with selecting a yarn that will be beautiful to wear and handle. I love working with small producers that create a truly exceptional product.

Flowsaic from 2018's N Club

Next I select an independent dyer to create custom colorways that bring out the best in my designs. This inspires me to push my creativity, and allows me to support other small businesses in the process.

Take Me Away from 2020's N Club

Oh, and the design? This is where I get to test my limits, play with an idea I’ve been bouncing around, or try an unusual construction method. I sketch and design year-round to put the best of my best work into the hands of N Club members.

Finally, I make you videos to help you have knitting success. These videos are pre-recorded and will be hyperlinked in the pattern for you to refer to whenever you need them!

And then I do it two more times to create a total of THREE extra special kits that ship out to you over the course of 2021. That’s a whole year of inspired knitting, coming to your doorstep!

Laura, packaging up N Club shipments in her very busy studio!

So much of my design inspiration and magic goes into making this club the experience that it is. It motivates me to create exceptional designs that I know you will love, from casting on to casting off. When I look back at the end of the year, the pieces I design for my clubs are always my favorites.

Simply put, clubs are a fantastic experience for everyone. If you’re the type that likes a list (I am!) here are the top reasons that I love The N Club:

1) It keeps interesting projects on your needles;
2) It keeps you learning and using your brain;
3) It connects you with an extensive community of creative knitters; and
4) It supports the work I do and enables me to be here week after week playing with yarn with y’all.

In a world where we can get so much so fast (and even now during pandemic times when it’s slightly less fast it’s still really fast!), for N Club members I am creating something slow, something special, and something you can’t get just anywhere.

Love Fest from 2020's N Club

If you have more questions about N Club, check out the FAQ page. If you like the kit idea but are interested in smaller projects, check out my other club Lola’s Choice. I hope you join us… The N Club is a blast and it will be more fun with you in it!

Sign-Ups for N Club close January 1st, 2021, so there is still time to sign up if you want to make knitting memories with me! 

Masking up the N Club
Past N Club Designs
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  1. I am not sure how to reach you but need help. I am working on my 4th pair of Migra Mitts. LOVE this pattern, one of my favorites, I rarely make anything a second time. BUT - - - my beads are absolutely not where they're supposed to be. I've watched your video on slipping a bead and gone over and over the pattern, everything else lines up perfectly except my beads are not split by that beautiful row of SSK/K2tog, they are all in a row. - I'd love to send you a picture, can you help me understand what I'm doing wrong please.
    THANKS in advance

    1. Hi! Feel free to e-mail me at laura(@)nelkindesigns.com ! I'm happy to help!


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