Five Ways To Store Your DPNs

A few Sundays ago I went into my studio looking for some US Size 1 double pointed needles (DPNs) to finish off the next Lola’s Choice design (that’s a hint right there!). What I thought would be a quick grab ended up being a major project because my dpn storage was a hot mess! 

Laura's Double Pointed Needle Stash

In the end I found what I was looking for in my teaching supplies, but the waste of time motivated me to get my needles together! I knew there must be a better way to organize my pointy stash, so I turned to the people I trust the most: knitters!

I posted on Facebook and Instagram and asked everyone: How do you store your DPNs? I was overwhelmed with ideas and solutions beyond what I could have imagined. Knitters are so clever!

So here is my roundup of the top FIVE knitting needle storage solutions, brought to you by our wonderful knitting community. I hope this saves you hours of fruitless searching, and instead enables you to enjoy many hours of knitting. Read on!

1.  Handwork Hardware 
This ingenious storage solution has compartments for needles size 0-5, with a needle gauge attached to the top of the container so you never put your needles in the wrong size. Thanks to Joanna Johnson for this product tip! 

Handwork Hardware DPN storage

If you have the table space to store your needles, this acrylic compartment (designed for makeup brushes) is a great solution. 

Makeup brush holder for DPNs

A great way to keep needles organized and out of the way.  Make your own if you love to sew:

4.  Knitting needle storage binder
There are a lot of these on the market! I haven’t personally tried any of them, but they all offer some nice features at a range of prices. 

Bring your honey to Bass Pro and get yourself one of these! 

You can fit so many tools in this compact ProCase 

Check out this brand new product, the Loops Needle Keeper 

Loops brand needle storage binder

5.  DIY options
I was amazed at all the ways people have solved the DPN problem just by using things they had at home or could buy at the grocery store.  Like using zip lock bags hole punched and organized in a 3-ring binder, plastic toothbrush travel cases, an over-the-door shoe organizer, or old button tubes (Thanks for this idea Leslie!).

DIY needle storage binder

How do you store your DPNs? If you use a system that I didn’t mention, let me know in the comments!


  1. So, Laura - We all want to know which you chose to store your DPNs?
    These all look so cool, I'll have to noodle on it to decide which I like best.

    1. I got the needle tube for my smaller dpn's and then am using a roll that Lois made me! Overflow goes into a shoe box storage container with sections!

    2. Ibe getting all my needles organized and am going to make one of these:
      Itbe a needle roll and looks pretty simple to make. She has other sewing projects for knitters on her channel. :)

  2. I'm in a holding pattern for storage of all my needles. This was helpful, and gives me some "plan B" (love the binder idea). Right now I'm waiting for my partner to make me something:)


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