Alright... it's official, on top of everything else, I've decided to take part in NaKniSweMo!  Don't know what it is?  Read here and here.  It's not too late to join in.  There is a super fun Ravelry group here.

I've got a project all lined up, and it's a vest, so technically, I'm participating in Vestvember as well.  (How's that for getting my geek on?)  My project is as yet unnamed. (Actually it was named but then a well loved designer who must think just like me used the name in the latest Knitty; Cadence, isn't it a great name and sweater?)

I knit the first vest in Schaefer Heather, and I LOVE IT, but it's too big for me, so I am knitting a second smaller version for myself in Fibre Company's Road to China Light.  This yarn has silk, baby alpaca, camel and cashmere... basically it's crack for this knitter!  The pattern is tech edited (thanks Kristen) and all I need is photography of both versions. So lighting a fire under my needles by joining in on NaKniSweMo will get it to you faster, right?

I've been busy making kits for my students at the Knittreat this weekend, and writing lists of everything I need not to forget.... at least I know what I'll be knitting!