A weekend at Bedford Springs taking a Knitting Cure....

Well I'm back from a LOVELY weekend at Bedford Springs, PA teaching Entomology to a group of 50 dedicated knitters at the Bedford Springs Knittreat.  I have to admit, that when I agreed to teach at the Knittreat last spring, I quickly looked on the website for Bedford Springs, and said to myself... I'm teaching at a golf resort/spa, and then went about my regular business.  Let's just say I was SO surprised when I drove up to a massive gorgeous old building and surrendered my car to the valet (yes.. my first valet at a knitting retreat) and was immediately given a private tour and history lesson by the hotel's Maitre d'.  The hotel was founded over 200 years ago at the site of a curative mineral springs.   Dignitaries, celebrities, wealthy urbanites, and even presidents went there to escape the heat and "take the waters" during the summer months.  The hotel was restored in 2007 in a way that has preserved and cherished it's history.  As you walked through the labryinth of halls, stairwells, and corriders, you are able to read vignets, peruse photos and soak up the past.... quite a treat!  Look at this signature a new bride made with her wedding ring in a original leaded glass window pane:
The Bedford Springs Knittreat is the baby of Barb Grossman, the director and founder of the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show.  Knitters from around the Pittsburgh area came for the weekend to steep themselves in workshops, knitting, the resort and spa, and FOOD, did I mention the food?  Well, I should...... cause there was lots of it!  Oh, yes, and the knitter's taking over the hotel, knitting everywhere?  Nothing makes me happier!
I taught Friday and Saturday mornings and was free to explore, knit, and make new friends for the rest of my time.  I went for a wonderful 5 mile hike Friday afternoon with a group of fellow knitters, where we stumbled upon one of the original springs:
I leave you with this really cool photo I took right before I left Sunday morning...  water bubbles, what's not to love?
And to all my new friends I made this weekend... thanks so much, you were all so wonderful, I'll Knittreat with you anytime!!!!!


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I love PA and the grounds look gorgeous!

  2. Hi, Laura
    It was a pleasure to meet you -- sure enjoyed those lavish breakfasts in the Crystal Room. Keep coming up with your wonderful designs -- hope to see you at a future knitting event for another "knit treat".
    Kathy Z

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  5. Carolyn Collen-DuboseNovember 16, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    Laura - that bubble photo is amazing. I think Bedford should use it on a promotional brochure. You should show it to them. I had fun meeting you last weekend!
    My goal is to successfully knit one dragonfly!!!


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