A Smorgasbord!

I've got lots to share/tell you about, so are you ready for one of those list style blog posts that hits on a bunch of different things that have struck my fancy?
  • Thankyou immensely for sharing the news of Pioneer Cuffs with your LYS's... I'm thrilled that you all got into the spirit of it! I heard from a few stores that had never carried my kits before, and that's all due to your willingness to spread the word!  Congrats to Loris .... get in touch and I'll get your Pioneer Package out to you!

  • While studiously avoiding my giant pile of work yesterday I stumbled upon this AWESOME blog post written by Amanda Palmer about Neil Gaiman's new book The Ocean at the End of the Lane.... now I know she is biased as she's married to him, but I'm adding it to my Summer Reading List!  Also, subscribing to her blog, as after watching her TED talk this spring I can't get enough Amanda Palmer....

  • While avoiding the pile even more, I found Stitch-Maps a new project by JC Briar... anyone who has taken a class with me knows that I highly suggest JC's book on knit chart reading to anyone who is struggling with charts.  She is making knitting history with this innovative way of looking at charts. 
    Stitch Map of Feather and Fan
    I'm planning a blog post on Stitch Maps for later this summer, as I am totally intrigued and want to play with it more!

  • Also I'm planning another blog post on all my Fall teaching engagements.... I am hitting the road a fair bit this Fall and hope to get to meet more of your in real life!  For now, I've updated my workshop schedule... Registration just opened for Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago
  • Since I'm a Mom first and foremost, the thing I might be the most excited about this week is this monstie my girl made for her phenomenal music teacher's end of year present. 
    Made with leftover Noro and my old live Led Zeppelin cassette tape for hair!
  • I'm off to TNNA in the morning, if you want a glimpse of this yarny extravaganza follow me on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter! I'm sure I'll be sharing some goodies : )!


  1. Yaaahh Girl! That monstie-guy is hilarious. I'm sure Ryan will love it! :)

  2. I love her monstie!

    Have a wonderful time at TNNA!

  3. I am SO excited! I love your jewelry and get compliments whenever I wear it. Can't wait to try the Pioneer Cuff. I just sent you a PM on Ravelry.

  4. Have a fabulous TNNA! I adore the Monstie, especially knowing the provenance of the hair.

  5. thank you for the epic procrastination prompt.....good stuff


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