TNNA 2013: A Photo Recap

I'm back from my second year showing my kit and pattern line at TNNA (the yarn industry's wholesale show) in Columbus, Ohio.  Doing shows is exhilarating, FUN, and exhausting and it's taking me a bit more than I expected to bounce back.... I definitely have what I like to think of as my "sexy" voice since I talked ALOT!  As usual I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked... but I did get some, want to see?
Felicia from Sweet Georgia and I were next to each other at Sample It! What a way to start the weekend!
A lively booth shot!
FinnKnitter, wearing Skywalker and choosing patterns and kits for her LYS, Michigan Custom Boutique!
Stephanie from SpaceCadet Creations, who I worked with on Juego is AWESOME in real life... so fun to hang out for reals!
Being interviewed by Johnny of Stitch Nation...
Kristen, my phenomenal helper, sporting a semi-secret design of mine launched as part of a collaboration with Ysolda and others.... I'll tell you more when I can : )!  THANKYOU Kristen!  You are more than awesomesauce!
I also got to finally meet Sivia Harding, I was so proud of myself for not going all fan-girl on her! Her work was my first introduction to knitting with beads...  Another lovely designer I got time to chat with was Olga Buraya-Kefelian I have long admired her aesthetic and it was great fun to connect!  And I can't forget about Carol Feller, she and I chatted HARD....

Maybe the most exciting part of the weekend was showing my editor Caitlin, and tech editor, Kate,  the book samples to date!  They both had only seen photos and it made the book feel so much more real.  Their enthusiasm was infectious and I got the energy boost I needed to finish this baby up!


  1. Oh my gosh, I need that sweater! So many wonderful things coming down the pipeline for you. Which means good things for us who love to knit your designs. Thanks for keeping it fresh and fun for us to knit and being so accessible to your fans. Rest up! I'm sure you deserve it.

    1. Thanks! It's true, I don't design sweaters often as grading hurts my head... but this one is special. The girl has already requested one for her... in black of course! So glad you like!

  2. It was great talking with you while you were there! I'm always very excited to see what you have going on.

    1. So wonderful to chat with you too Caitlyn! What fun to share our creativity!

  3. I'm desperately infatuated with any sweater with thumb holes.... just sayin'
    also, the booth looks super great! glad it went well. did u have some Jenni's ice cream for me?

    1. NINJA CUFFS, FTW! I like them too!

      I ate ice cream for you... twice, cause I know how much you like it!


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