Meta Mystery KAL: Shawl Revealed!

Thankyou all for playing in what a I know was a crazy Mystery KAL (even by my standards!)... I really tried hard with this one to keep you guessing as to what you were making until the last possible moment. Writing patterns like this is so stimulating for my design cortex as I end up with a construction even I did not know was possible! (Is a design cortex a thing? If not, it should be!)
Meta was designed to be knit in sections (or kites) and then those kites are connected to create a uniquely shaped shawl that sits perfectly on the shoulders. First 3 mainly garter stitch kites are knit, one of which has optional beads. Then kites 1 and 2 are connected by a rectangular panel that has a lace stripe. An edging is worked out from the side of kite 1. Then kites 2 and 3 are connected with another panel, and an edging is worked out on kite 3, and suddenly you have a shawl!
Now, that you see the construction, let's show you a few more photos of Meta!

The edging!
The connector stitch!
One of the things I do in Mystery KAL's is not give blocking directions as it seems there are many ways shawls can be blocked and this changes their final shape!  You can see the many ways Meta was blocked here.  I didn't get many blocking photos of mine (whoops!) but did snap this one...  I used Knitter's Pride Knit Blockers on my edging to get the "steps" straight! Others pulled the edging into points, which is also stunning!
I have a few thankyou's to make as the clues were error free because of a dedicated crew of testers and tech editors who questioned me throughout the entire process so that we could make sure the resulting pattern had as little errata as possible! This is particularly extra important with Mystery KAL's as since the knitter doesn't have a photo to check their work by they don't know if something is going wrong! SO, huge thanks to Kate, Ann, Justine, Lorrie and Lori! Meta would not have been the success it is without you!

Those of you who haven't finished up your Meta's a thread has been set up in case you have questions/need support/want to show your progress! There is also an Finished Meta Contest, that is open until July 2nd! 

I do have another Mystery KAL planned for September, details will come out in August!... it is another fun construction, promise!


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